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Junior Staff 2014 - What a Blessing!

Junior Staff


Each summer’s program is the result of work from so many different people. Our year-round-staff direct the course the summer will take. Our college-aged SALT staff pour out every ounce of their energy and enthusiasm, week after week.  Adult volunteers do a lot of important work preparing the grounds and caring for the campground. They serve in the nurse’s station and in the kitchen. We have some returning staff come back to add their own personal flavor to each week’s program. But, right in the middle of everything we do in summer, is our Junior Staff.


The Junior Staff have a unique place between campers and staff. Once they have finished their week of training in June, we definitely consider them staff. But, they sit right in between when they come to serve. In a cabin, they may have eight campers to watch over, but they also have an older counselor leading them almost every hour of the day. The same is true if they are serving in the kitchen, or on a day camp. Their experience is one where they are given real responsibility, but at the same time, they have a mentor alongside them each step of the way.


The work of a Junior Staff member is certainly not always glamorous. They may be called on to wash dishes for 200 people. They likely have to deal with campers who don’t want to respect them as an authority. They only get one hour off each day of their time here. They might have to do laundry for a camper who wet the bed or help a special needs camper cut up their food or go to the bathroom. But they remember that whatever they do for the least of God’s children, is done for their Savior God.


Junior Staff


I remember what a joy it was to be a Junior Staff at Camp Phillip. We looked forward to training week more than anything else in our year. And then when we came back to volunteer, even though we were working hard, we were also building friendships with some of the best teenagers we knew. We were learning about how to use the gifts God has given us. We were given the important job of caring for others more than we care for ourselves, and we had time set aside each day for Bible study, worship, and prayer.


It’s no wonder that this program at Camp Phillip is still one of our favorites. It’s not just because we get to work with some of the most gifted and positive Christian teenagers that you’re likely to meet. It is because they are right in the middle of the work that God does through Camp Phillip. Those teenagers are growing a ton, and they are helping their campers to have a meaningful, fun and safe experience at Camp.


The Junior Staff truly grow up in Christ right before our eyes. And they are a blessing to us as we serve with them. Thanks be to God for letting us experience this joy in serving him together!


Junior Staff

          Upcoming Events         

Fall Work Weekend 

 Sept 26 - 28 

Women’s Retreat 

 Oct 3 - 5

Confirmation Retreat 

 Oct 17 - 19

Fall Teen Retreat 

 Oct 24 - 26

Gamer’s Retreat 

 Oct 31 - Nov 2

Quilting Retreat 

 Nov 7 - 9   

Day Camp Registration 

 Dec 10    

Staff Reunion 

 Dec 29 - 31

Winter Teen Retreat 

 Jan 9 - 11

Women's Retreat

There are so many reasons that you should consider attending the annual Women's Retreat at Camp Phillip!  Keep reading for some of the best ones:

  • The weekend is a great time to make wonderful new Women's RetreatChristian friends. Many people come away from the weekend saying things like, "We grew so close together during the weekend, and we just met! That was just what I needed."
  • The food is simply wonderful. It is one of a handful of weekends throughout the year when we pull out all the stops, and try to make the meals luxurious.  And we even do the dishes for you!
  • The schedule is as relaxed as you make it. Though there are plenty of great activity options, they are truly optional. There is time to read a book by the fire, or go for a hike with a friend. You may choose to make a wood-craft. Shoot archery. Ride the zipline. Or, you could do none of the above. You won't want to skip the meals though! (See above)
  • The Bible studies are filled with meaningful, practical discussion. This year, Jenni Schubring will be leading the Bible studies on the book Philemon from the New Testament. Many times, I walk into the dining hall, and it seems that the conversations from the Saturday morning Bible study are just carrying over to the rest of the weekend. What a wonderful thing it is to be at a place where the conversations are peppered with spiritual life applications, and prayers and support are being continually offered.
  • The weekend is fun! As I write this, I am a bit jealous that I don't get to just attend the weekend, because I am not a woman, and because I will be working behind the scenes to make sure that it is a great weekend for you. But, the activities themselves and the people who are here participating with you create such a joyful environment that I smile just thinking about it.

So mark your calendar for October 3-5. Call your mother, daughter, sister and friends to join you. Or, you can confidently sign up by yourself, and arrive at Camp knowing that you will have a great weekend.


Online Registration is here. The brochure is here. A registration form that you could print and mail in is here.

Teen RetreatTeen Retreat

I am so glad that the Fall Teen Retreat moved to a date a bit later in fall. That means that it is not too late for you to sign up! There is time and space for you to sign up yourself, or to get a group together to attend the retreat.


Teen Retreats are right at the sweet spot of our ministry. Our terrific college-aged staff provide exciting models of Christian faith and life. At Teen Retreats, we try to cram in as many fun activities as there are hours in the weekend. Bible studies are written for the teen audience specifically. The teens have so many new experiences to ask questions about, and we have set aside time for those important conversations.


On top of all that, we have the blessing of getting to simply worship Christ together! The result is that we have had years of highly-memorable and impact-filled teen retreats. God truly works when we gather together in his name!


You can find more information about teen retreats here, and you can find a link to the brochure at www.campphillip.com/downloads.


Some of the pictures you see here are from a teen retreat in 2003. Others are from last year. I'll let you figure out which pictures are which.



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