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19 Day Camps - And a Half!

Day Camp


What a blessing it is each year to partner with so many congregations as they reach out to their communities with the Gospel message. This year we had a great team of Day Camp Staff and a fantastic crew of Junior Staff volunteers. They traveled to more churches to lead more Day Camps than we ever have before.


We sent out three teams at a time during some weeks, to handle the demand for more Day Camps. And a group of junior staff went with Joseph Garbe, a former SALT staff, to Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Arizona to help them with their VBS as well (That’s where the half comes from). That's them down there on the right.


Junior Staff Trip

You might wonder how our Day Camps are

different than a traditional VBS Program.


Our Day Camps typically run five days, from 9:00 AM til 3:00 PM, and they include a rotational model with many different activity areas, like Adventure, Recreation and one matching the theme for the week. There are also opening and closing programs each day put on by our energetic staff. These programs include Camp Phillip songs, fun puppet shows, and improvisational theater games. The partnership between the Camp Phillip staff and the congregation's volunteers is a great thing to be a part of.



If you are unfamiliar with our Congregational Day Camp program, go here for more information.


Your congregation is also welcome to purchase our past Day Camp curriculum packages to use at your church in the future. They are available here.


Lastly, if you are one of the people who helps make a Day Camp happen at your church, we want to say thank you. There is a lot of work put in on both sides to make sure that we provide a great experience to the kids, and give them a chance to hear the Gospel message.

Fall Photo Explosion
Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to take some great pictures with our new camera this fall. You can click on these photos to see some more pictures of our Women’s Retreat, Fall Teen Retreat, Quilting Retreat, Confirmation Retreat, and 5K Run/Walk.
Women's Retreat
Confirmation Retreat Teen Retreat
Quilting Retreat Gamer's Retreat
Upcoming Events

Day Camp Registration Opens 

 Dec 10

Junior Staff Christmas Party 

 Dec 13

Staff Reunion 

 Dec 29 - 31

Winter Teen Retreat 

 Jan 9 - 11

Women's Quilting Retreat 

 Feb 27 - March 1

Spring Teen Retreat 

 March 13 - 15  

Gamer's Retreat 

 March 20 - 22   

Cooking Retreat 

 March 27 - 29

Day Camp Training 

 April 11

Are You Thinking About Giving Camp Phillip as a Christmas Gift?


Many people give camp to their kids as a Christmas gift. It is a way for the children to realize the planning and sacrifice that is made so that going to Camp can happen for them each year. Other families ask grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles to give towards summer camp, because it is a gift that would really be appreciated.


For the summer of 2015, the early bird registration forms are all ready. But you don’t have to register for camp in order to set up a gift of money for camp as a Christmas gift.


You should know that we are organized in a way that your family can receive gifts towards camp at any time of the year, and we will track those funds and hold them for you until the next time you want to register for a camp.


You, or anyone who wants to give money can simply call the office with a credit card number, and tell us who you’d like to donate toward. Or, you can mail a check in with the camper’s first and last name and we will apply that gift to their account. Then we will send out a gift certificate so that you have something to put in an envelope or card on Christmas or for a birthday.


This form would be useful in asking someone else to give the gift of camp for your child, or if you want to give the gift of camp to a child that you know would love to spend some time here next summer.



Where Can I Find That Song?

One request we receive very often is for music. Sunday School teachers and Lutheran school teachers want to use our songs in their classroom, or to sing them as a part of their church’s weekend worship. Parents tell me that Camp Phillip music is the default school carpool soundtrack, as it is for my family. And many times over the past 15 years, we have tried to get all of our music in one place. Almost 5 years ago now, our songbook was finished. And after that a digital songbook. 


On a side note, one pleasantly surprising result of the songbook is what a great tool it is for campers who are learning to play the guitar. They practice the songs at home, and come to camp already able to play the songs in 6th grade. In many cases they are already playing the songs in worship at their home churches as well. What an exciting thing it is to see them using their gifts in service!


We have received all sorts of great feedback about how helpful a tool the songbook is. However, Pastor Tom has taken this to the next level, and put each individual song in the new digital store. Now, you can find all sorts of Camp Phillip music on our website. We have PDF files of our lead sheets so you can find the melody line or chords to play a song. Also, you can go to the store and download mp3 files to listen to on your mp3 player, or burn to CD to listen to in your car. 


If you ad about this news that you don't want to read this anymore, you can go right to www.campphillip.com/digitalstore to find all the songs we have recorded. (If you don’t know how to put a downloaded song into your iTunes, go here).


If you want to listen to some camp music, two albums of interest are our first ever album, Rooted, and our most recent album, Christmas at Camp.  They are both available online if you want to relive the mid-1990’s, or if you want to hear your friends at Camp Phillip singing praises to our Savior as we celebrate his birth. You can get to those albums by clicking the images below.

Rooted CD  Christmas CD


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