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Camp Phillip
Summer Camp 2015

We cannot possibly share everything that happens at Camp Phillip over the summer, but here are some pictures to give you a peek at our amazing summer.



Jesus Cares!

We had the most campers that we have ever had in our Jesus Cares Camp this summer. We had over 25 new campers in this camp due to some great recruiting and a broader reach in promoting. We are really happy to look and see that numbers are up in many of our camps, but there is a special joy that comes from serving a record number of campers in this unique camp.


It is always great to see the special bond that is formed between staff and their campers during this week. We learn so much about faith and love during this week. And these campers love to have the chance to share the Gospel with us as much as we love to share it with them. It was truly a blessing this year, as we had at least 70 staff members caring for our 55 campers.  God used this camp to give all of us an enriching experience.


We’d love to keep this camp thriving, so if you know anyone with special needs who would enjoy spending a week at Camp Phillip next summer, please invite them to join us.

Upcoming Events

Fall Family Camp 

 September 4 - 7

Camp Phillip 5K 

 September 6

Fall Work Weekend 

 September 25 - 27

Camp Phillip Women's Retreat 

 October 2 - 4

Confirmation Retreat 

 October 16 - 18

Fall Teen Retreat 

 October 23 - 25 

Camp Phillip Gamers' Retreat 

 October 30 - 31   

Fall Quilting Retreat 

 November 6 - 8

Winter Teen Retreat 

 January 8-10

An Awesome Army of Adult Volunteers



Summer camp doesn’t happen without the help of many people. Our SALT and Junior Staff are well trained and they do a great job, but we are especially thankful for the work of the adult volunteers that make summer happen. If you have ever been an adult volunteer at Camp Phillip, we simply cannot thank you enough.


One thing that we want everyone to know is what a great experience it is to be an adult volunteer at Camp Phillip. Those people that return year after year would tell you that it is one of their favorite parts of their year. It is refreshing to have a week away from the busyness of life and to be surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. It is rewarding to make a camper’s day, and it is inspiring to spend time around our staff. We are serving God’s own kids with Christ’s own love, and that is a special thing to be around.


I guess if you don’t believe me, you’ll have to come for a week or a half week next summer and try it out. We will make sure you have a place to stay while you’re here and feed you, and you get to serve God and have a great time doing it.


We have need of more EMTs, nurses or doctors to volunteer to help us with health care. We rely on volunteers to help with our Jesus Cares camp, in the kitchen, or leading crafts. We receive a ton of help on maintenance projects during summer and during work weekends. We can always use more help.


You can go to our website and print off an adult volunteer form, or you can call (920)787-3202, or email the office@campphillip.com with any questions that you have about volunteering.


We Love Helping Teams Grow Together

This past week, we had the pleasure of getting to work with the volleyball team from Luther High School in Onalaska, the Student Council from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, and the 7th and 8th grade classes from St. John’s Lutheran School in Burlington.  What a blessing it is to get to see God bring groups of students together at Camp Phillip. The Team Challenge Course (or low ropes) was a highlight for these groups, as it is for many.



Live Your Faith


A group that spends time on our challenge course will put time and energy into completing a series of physical and mental challenges that require communication and planning to accomplish. The groups experience growth in their ability to trust each other and arrive at a group consensus. It helps people learn to see things from other people’s perspective and handle disagreements respectfully.


It is so inspiring to hear students saying things like, “That was just what we needed” or “I can’t believe how well we all got along. We didn’t even know each other that well before, but now I know I can trust you. We need to keep this unity all year.” A group’s ability to work together to solve problems is often drastically improved during a session on our challenge course.


It is really important to our ministry that we can see change and growth even in a short period of time like a four hour session on the challenge course, or during the course of a two or three-day retreat. Teachers and coaches often tell us that their classes reference their trip to Camp Phillip all year. We hope and pray that the learning from Camp stays with them into the future.


If you have a team, or a group of students or adults who would benefit from working together to complete some challenges and practice putting their faith into action, Camp Phillip is a great place to plan a trip or a retreat.

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