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Camp Phillip

The Theme for Summer 2016!



It’s always an exciting time at Camp when we get to share our plans for the upcoming summer. Well, that time is now!


The theme for summer 2016 at Camp Phillip is “Rock On!”


The theme verse for the summer is:

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;

Let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation.”

-Psalm 95:1


Each day that we walk on this earth is a day that can be filled discovering new reasons that our God is worthy of our thanks and praise. We will spend our summer doing just that. We will celebrate who the Christ is, and what he has done, and what he has promised to do in our present and future.


Music is such a huge part of Camp Phillip’s ministry, so we are very excited to have a theme that highlights this aspect. We love to sing songs of praise, or to make up songs to help us memorize Scripture.  Our staff have a long tradition of writing original songs. From light-hearted action songs like Melon Hut or the Crocodile Song, to thoughtful songs of praise like Heavenly Road or Life Support, this summer will be overflowing with songs of praise!


You can do your part to get your community excited about the upcoming summer. You can make plans to come to Camp Phillip this summer, to learn about our Savior, hear our new theme song, and join us at song period or campfire to praise the Lord, the Rock of our Salvation. And you can encourage someone who has never attended one of our programs to come to Camp for the first time. We will do the rest.


Between now and then we will do our part to make it a great summer program. Pray for us as we plan Bible studies and games, write songs, choose scripture lessons, repair buildings and equipment, plan menus, select staff, and train them.

Thrivent Action Teams

If you are a Thrivent member, you have an awesome opportunity to help out Camp Phillip through a Thrivent Action Team. In short, you could host a fund raiser (such as a bake sale, a 5k, a family movie night, etc.) to raise money fro your organization and Thrivent will supply you with a gift card of $250, plus some optional other materials, to help make your project happen. Each Thrivent member in your family can do two projects per year.


For more information about Thrivent Action Teams, you can click this link: www.thrivent.com/making-a-difference/living-generously/thrivent-action-teams/ 


For instructions on how to go about applying, you can click this link from our website: campphillip.com/thriventactionteam


If you are interested in helping, but not quite sure what program you could do, please feel free to contact Matthew at matthew@campphillip.com He would love to help!

Upcoming Events

Day Camp Registration Opens 

 December 16th, noon

Junior Staff Christmas Party 

 December 27 - 28

Staff Reunion 

 December 28 - 30

Winter Teen Retreat 

 January 8-10

Quilting Retreat 

 March 4 - 6

Spring Teen Retreat 

 March 11 - 13 

Camp Phillip Gamers' Retreat 

 March 18 - 20   

Woodcutting Weekend 

 April 8 - 10

Day Camp Training 

 April 9

Spring Work Weekend 

 May 6 - 8

Family Fest 

 June 17 - 19


What Ingredients make a Camp Phillip Flavored Smoothie?


As the busiest part of our year winds down at Camp, and we take a deep breath before we start the push for the next year here, it is a healthy thing to do a little Camp-Phillip-style reflection. So the thing I’m wondering is: “Why is it important to include Camp Phillip in your church, school or family’s schedule?” To try to get to that answer I want to ask a different question for your reflection today: “What ingredients make a Camp Phillip flavored Smoothie?”


What I mean by that is what are those essential ingredients that make Camp Phillip Camp Phillip?


I call it a smoothie because I believe that God has put some special ingredients together at Camp Phillip to make it a healthy place for people to grow in Him. Hopefully you know this trick already. You put some strawberries and ice cream or yogurt in a blender, but you also put in some fiber or vitamins or that leafy-green stuff called kale. After you add a little honey to make sure it’s sweet enough and blend it together. That way we can happily head down the path of healthy eating.


So how does this happen at Camp? There are a lot of ingredients involved in a successful retreat at Camp Phillip. There might be some things that we care about that kids wouldn’t think are important (such as risk management), but we put them in there because we know they are good for them. And once everything is blended together, it goes down smoothly. Parents ask us, “How did you get my kid to read the Bible on his own for fun?” and we have to answer that it is just a part of who we are as Christians that we do that. We also sing silly songs and play awesome games in the woods and go swimming and shoot archery and the list goes on. But we blend into that mix some great mentoring, and practice treating people well, and time spent on the challenge course and doing reflections. And the campers come out wanting more of that smoothie.


You might answer the question differently than I do. I made the following graphic that I think sums up some of the essential ingredients that God has combined to make that unique Camp Phillip flavor.

We are in the blessed position where Camp Phillip is a crossroads for so many people. We are a connecting point for congregations, schools, families and individuals of all ages. But even though there is a diverse group of people who make up the Camp Phillip Family, one of the things that is so impressive to me is that there is a certain consistent “Camp Culture” that transcends one specific event or group at Camp Phillip. I believe that those seven bold phrases sum it up. But rather than take my word for it, I will share some of the answers given recently on Facebook when I asked people to describe Camp Phillip in three words.



How did we do? Did we make it clear what the ingredients are in the Camp Phillip-flavored Smoothie? Let us know!


I know that the image is a little blurry, but you can go to www.facebook.com/campphillip to see more.

Amazon Smile!

Many people shop online these days, and we just wanted to let you know that Camp Phillip is registered with Amazon.com as a part of their donation program. So, you don’t have to buy anything extra or specific to support Camp Phillip.


You simply go to smile.amazon.com instead of the regular amazon.com when you want to shop. You can go there now and set up your preferred charity. If you choose Camp Phillip Inc. from their list, then they donate just a small slice of your purchase prices to Camp Phillip.


Certainly don’t take this as an encouragement to spend more on Christmas presents. J But rather, assuming that you use amazon already, you can set your account up to donate to us every time you start your shopping search at smile.amazon.com.

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