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"Hey, I Know That Lady."
It's possible that most 30-year-olds don't want to be called a lady.  But, wouldn't any camp counselor want to be recognized and remembered by one of their campers 11 years later?  That is what happened this year as Amanda Furhman (Peek) brought her son to Pee Wee Camp.
One of his counselors, Devon Liermann, had been Amanda's Pee Wee camper in 2002. Devon is shown pictured here to left with Amanda.  This is a photo from Devon's scrapbook from camp.  Not surprisingly, she remembered her past counselor fondly.  Though time has passed, and a lot of things at camp are new and improved, one of the things that hasn't changed is the impact of having a counselor.  Counselors still develop a close bond with their campers after a few short days, and campers come home with a ton of stories from camp as well as a few new role models.
It wasn't too hard for Devon to recognize Amanda.  She doesn't look much different than she did three kids and a decade ago.  This second picture was taken at the end of a great camp. It was a sweet moment for all of us involved. 
A lot of joy is shared and a lot of energy is poured into every week of camp (especially Pee Wee Camp!) and it is really great to see the fruit that comes through our efforts, even years later as our campers and staff grow up into Christian leaders.
It is exciting that Camp Phillip has been around long enough that many of the past campers and staff are bringing their children to camp each summer as campers.  It is encouraging to see so many familiar faces in the registration line each new week, and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to share Christ and Camp Phillip with their beautiful children.
Make Camp Run

On Saturday September 1st, we will be running a 5K here at Camp Phillip.  It will be a run/walk.


This event is right in the middle of one of our favorite weekends of the year.  Fall Family Camp takes place annually over Labor Day weekend.  It’s a great weekend to bring your tent or camper or to rent a cabin and enjoy a getaway before the busyness of the school year really gets started.  The extra day on the weekend really helps the weekend to linger just long enough to help people have a lot of fun and get refreshed.


Registration information for the 5k is here and you can call (920) 787-3202 or email office@campphillip.com to book a campsite for the weekend if you want to stay.

Upcoming Events
Confirmation Class Retreat


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of a Confirmation Retreat at Camp Phillip.  If you are a parent or a student and you’d love for your class to be a part of a great weekend of fun, bonding and growth, or if you are a pastor who’d love to have your group of students learn to care for each other as members of the body of Christ, then please consider coming to one of Camp Phillip’s confirmation retreats. 


The weekends are a great time for your group to grow together.  It is great to get away from the rest of life’s distractions and spend some time in God’s Word, and some time on the ropes course working together.  A little bit of Camp Phillip’s unique style of fun might be just what you need to liven up the dynamic of your confirmation group.


You can either come to a pre-planned weekend like the one on October 18-20, or you can call us with a specific weekend in mind that fits well on your church calendar.  Some more information can be found on our website.  The registration form is online as well as some more specific information about the retreat's schedule.  We have had great retreats that include small confirmation groups of 7 or 8 confirmation students, as well as groups who have 70 or 80 students in confirmation class

School Field Trips

A large part of Camp Phillip’s ministry is to support our Lutheran schools.  One of the ways we partner with teachers is by running overnight trips for grade school classes.  These trips focus on building a classroom community at the beginning of the year.  The fun and friendly attitude of Camp Phillip staff helps kick the school year off well, by setting the tone for the way the students are to interact with each other throughout the school year.



Please check our calendar for availability.  And definitely call or email matthew@campphillip.com to set up a trip, or even just to ask about how the logistics of a trip work.  There is more information here if you want to read about the trips a bit more.

Bible Study
Adult Bible Study Presentation
There are still a lot of people who don’t know about our ministry.  There are people that are familiar with the name Camp Phillip, but think of it as just a WELS campground or summer-camp.  We’d love to share with your congregation more about our year-round ministry. 


We have prepared a Bible study that focuses on the way that God uses camp-like experiences to prepare his people for their personal ministries.  We’d love to come to your church and share that Bible study, and through it, you will also learn a lot about what makes our ministry unique, and how we might be of value to you specifically. 


Check out your church calendar and contact me at joel@campphillip.com to see if we can schedule a date to come and visit.  We get so many visitors over the course of a year.  We’d love to visit you.

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