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Field Trip Season

We just wrapped up another very fulfilling school field trip season. 


One of the unique opportunities we have each spring and fall is to partner with schools as they visit us for an overnight field trip. Students travel to camp with their teachers and some parents as chaperones.


The trip includes a variety of great activities.  Archery, disc golf, geocaching, outdoor games, Bible study, and sing-alongs are part of many trips.  Campfire at the end day is always fun and memorable.


The ropes course is a highlight of these trips.  The students learn teamwork on the Team Challenge Course.  They spend time practicing the kinds of inclusive behavior that helps them earn the trust and respect of their classmates.  And they learn to see how negative behaviors can really hurt the other people in their group.


On the High Ropes Course, they learn to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  So often, students (and adults) find that they are able to do more than they thought when they are pushed to excel in a safe environment with great encouragement. 


We pray that God continues to use these trips to bear fruit in classrooms throughout the school year. 


If you are interested in bringing a group for a field trip for this spring or next fall, call camp to book a date as soon as possible.

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Upcoming Events
The Time to Register for
Encore Camp is Now!


This special camp is happening soon!  If you are in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade, and you were here at camp last summer, you won't want to miss this camp. 


Don't forget that this is also a great time to bring a friend that hasn't been to camp before. They can come for just a short weekend and get a taste of the great experiences we pack into a week at camp.


This year, Encore Camp runs from November 15-17, and it will be an action-packed weekend of fun.


Whether you love campfire, or evening games or the ropes course, or even if you just love the people you meet while you are at camp, this camp will certainly be fun, and memorable. 
Go to campphillip.com/encore to find out how to register.
Diary of a First Time Day Camp

The Congregational Day Camp program is such a unique part of our ministry.  We try very hard to blend Camp Phillip’s style of fun and enthusiasm with the variety of congregations we serve.  We partner with large churches and small churches in big cities and rural areas.


We send two of our college staff (SALT) and three of our high-schoolers (junior staff) to each congregation for the week, along with puppets and stages and equipment for games.  This van-full of fun meets up with the congregation’s day camp director and the team of congregational volunteers that has been assembled.  The results of this combination are a wide variety of adventures for everyone involved.


Every year we have a handful of new churches join the ranks of the congregations that partner with us by using the Congregation Day Camp program.  


This is just a short excerpt of the feedback we received from the Day Camp Director at St. Andrew’s in Middleton:



Coordinating a Day Camp is a big job.  The congregations who partner with us have committed to making this one of the key ways that they reach out to families in their community each year.  Because it takes so much planning, and because the demand for the available weeks is high, we open registration for this program in December each year for the following summer.  So that makes right now the right time of year for churches to decide if they would like to try running a Day Camp together with us.


For more information about Day Camp and what it is, go to campphillip.com/daycamp





























































Teen Retreat
Would your Teens Benefit from a Winter Retreat?


Teen Retreats are designed to be a great experience for a teen who registers on their own, and a “no-planning” youth group event for teen ministry leaders to bring a group of students to.


Either way, we work hard to plan the retreat so that you don’t have to.  We prepare crazy games, praise and worship campfires, teen-focused Bible studies and great food, and we try to build a fantastic experience for the teens.


As the weather gets colder, we like to blend the excitement of being outside in the winter weather, with the comfort that comes from gathering around the fire with a warm beverage in hand.


After snow-tubing and broom-ball and British Bulldog, everyone heads back inside to get warmed and refreshed. While we are inside we play games, and enjoy Bible studies, campfires and devotions.  The teens who are here will grow great Christian friendships, and God will send them home "Stirred Up" by the Holy Spirit and energized for their lives at home.  After the retreat, teens share that they really needed the retreat more than they could have known.


You can go to campphillip.com/downloads to find the brochure and registration form.  Feel free to print lots of copies and put them out in your church, or hand them to a teen who you think would really benefit from the experience.

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