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Theme Reveal!

Every year at Camp Phillip, we pour energy into making that specific year special. Every single day of the summer is different than each other day—with unique songs, skits, games and devotions. But one of the main ways that we make each summer stand out from other summers is through that summer’s theme.


We really strive to create a theme that will help teach a lasting lesson. It is our goal that we are able to look back on the caveman summer, or the walkabout summer, and remember something specific about the message from Scripture that we considered each day of that summer.


And each staff and camper has their favorites. I have witnessed and participated in a few heated discussions about which summer themes have been the best. Will this summer be one of the best? We are planning on it!


This summer, the theme is “Happily Ever After.” The theme of the summer is based upon the familiar verse, “Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life,” from Revelation 2:10. This summer we will marvel at God’s faithfulness towards us, and we will spend time thinking about what our lives look like when we are being faithful as we await the happily ever after that is won for us by Jesus Christ.

Happily Ever After


In addition to Bible studies and devotions, the theme will carry over into games and skits and decorations, so that the campers will get the chance to escape to a fairy tale kingdom for a week.  Consider which fantastic creatures you will encounter at Camp Phillip in 2014.


Get ready to spend a week celebrating the fact that Christ has won us eternal life, and we are now looking forward to a happily ever after that will be more wonderful than anything we can imagine.


If you register before the new year, you will get the lowest price. Go to www.campphillip.com/registration to try our new online registration, or go to www.campphillip.com/downloads to print off an earlybird registration form.

Upcoming Events
Christmas at Camp CDs


We still have Christmas CDs left in our store.  If you want to hear some of your friends from Camp singing a variety of songs from this past summer as well as some Christmas favorites, you can go to the online store to purchase a copy of the CD.


Christmas CD

The CD is available for purchase at our online store here:


Something Warm Besides the FireQuilting Retreat

When we travel to churches, there are always ladies who perk up when they see that we have quilting retreats. These are easy weekends to recommend to someone new. We don’t have to do anything special to create the warm environment of this retreat (besides perhaps providing a large supply of firewood). The ladies who are here welcome new quilters and old friends with equal enthusiasm.


There is something wonderful about walking into the dining hall and seeing the quilters hard at work in their home-away-from-home. Mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends work side-by-side throughout the weekend. People bring their own project to work on, or they come prepared to tackle the chosen project for the weekend.  It’s amazing to see the variety of results even when the pattern used is the same.


There is another quilting retreat later this winter (or possibly spring, knowing Wisconsin) on February 28th – March 2nd. Set the date aside on your calendar. You won’t regret it!


You can go to www.campphillip.com/downloads to print off a Women's Programs Registration form.  And if you're not a quilter, consider giving the quilting retreat as a gift to that quilter you love.

Two ways to help kids get to Camp Phillip



An aspect of Camp Phillip’s ministry that I cannot underscore enough is that we do not want money to ever be the reason that someone doesn’t come to camp. We have done a few things to try to prevent this from happening.


We set aside money each year for what we call camperships. This money is used to give half-off and full scholarships to those campers from families that simply cannot afford to send their children to camp without this help.


The Congregational Campership program is another program designed to help kids get to camp, who would not otherwise be able to attend. This is the fourth year we have been partnering with congregations to distribute free weeks of camp to students who have not been to camp before. During the last three years, the wonderful donors to this program have allowed us to send more than 50 new campers to Camp Phillip.


Each church is responsible for its own selection process. Some of our friends at the congregational level select a few children and offer them the free weeks of camp.  Other congregations set up an application process for the camperships.


If you’d like to contribute to the campership fund, or if you’d like to make use of it, feel free to email me at this address: joel@campphillip.com


Give the gift of Camp


The other way that we seek to help campers get to Camp Phillip at a reduced rate is through fundraisers.  Every year, we offer two cookie-dough fundraisers where campers work to sell cookie dough to contribute to their week at camp.  Many families have found this a great tool to help supplement the cost of summer camp, and other families find a way to pay for their entire fee using this program.

Giving Form



For every family that really enjoys using the cookie dough fundraiser, there is a family who would rather not sell a product to ask for financial support.


Many people have told us that they would love to simply ask for a donation toward the expense of camp instead of a product. So, we are offering this form to families as a tool. The giving form leaves a space for campers to explain what it is about a week at camp that is exciting to them, and it also explains a bit about Camp Phillip’s ministry. This will also function as a tool for our staff to use to help campers write a letter to donors during their week here at camp.


Over the years, we have heard over and over again that children tell their parents, “All I want for Christmas is more time at Camp Phillip.”  Hopefully this will help make that kind of gift request a smooth process.

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