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Family Fest

Family Fest 2013


Each summer on Father’s Day Weekend we have a great time at Camp Phillip. If you’ve never experienced Family Fest before, imagine this: Camp Phillip’s staff put all the awesome experiences that are a part of a week of camp into one weekend.  And then add a special night of concerts at the end of Saturday’s schedule just to make sure the weekend is extra special. This summer, Mike Westendorf and his band will be performing at Family Fest.


Family Fest is a great time to experience Camp Phillip for the first time, or to bring another family along with you who hasn’t yet experienced Camp. It is also a great weekend to come back to camp if it’s been too long. You are bound to bump into some great people who have been part of our ministry for years and years.  I suppose you could also come for the weekend to make sure that our new staff members are as good as the staff you remember from “back-in-the-day”. I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised. You might just want to spend some time at the ropes course, or the lake, or experience one more accordion-accompanied worship service from Pastor Tom.


As you can probably tell, we are excited about Family Fest. 


We hope you are too. Call the camp office to make a reservation for Family Fest 2014. (920) 787-3202
Family Fest 2013
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Day Camp 2014


We have been adding a few new congregations to our Congregational Day Camp Program each summer. Day Camps have been so successful, that I can now say that the Day Camp program reaches more campers than any other individual program that we offer. It is such a rewarding experience for the members of our staff and the volunteers that they partner with at the many different congregations.


There are so many kids who are hearing about Jesus for the first time, or are being reminded about the joy that we have in Christ through this program.


But plans for this program don’t happen in summer. So if you are considering having Camp Phillip come to your church this summer, please check out the calendar here for our availability. There are only a couple spots left for this summer.


If you are the person who organizes the Vacation Bible School at your church,we'd like you to know that you can also order our VBS curriculum packages at our camp store.
If you’d like more information about the Day Camp, program,  please contact joel@campphillip.com, or if you want to browse through all the great information we have online, go to www.campphillip.com/daycamp.


Jesus Cares!Jesus Cares

One of our favorite camps of the year is our 5-day camp for adults with special needs.  We strive to give each individual the best camping experience we are able to whether the campers love fishing, puppets, games, and singing, or whether the highlight of their day is riding in a rowboat with their counselor. Many friendships are formed, and great memories are made.


Jesus Cares Camp has a powerful impact on everyone involved. SALT Staff create treasured memories of caring for their individual campers. Adult volunteers look forward to this week all year, because they know how important the annual trip to Camp Phillip is to the campers. Junior Staff members get to learn first hand about how to care for and teach the Gospel to this special group of people. And the campers enjoy their time at camp so much that they routinely watch the DVD of their time at camp when they get home, in anticipation of going back to camp to see their friends again.


If you know of an individual with special needs who would enjoy a week of fun activities with an energetic and caring staff, please go to www.campphillip.com/downloads to find a registration form, or contact Bill Truebenbach at Jesus Cares Ministries for more information about whether this camp is the right fit for their needs.
Teen Adventure Days

Most teens are skilled at texting, and have a collection of favorite Youtube videos. And while those can be a large part of what it means to have a “social-life” these days, we have put together a camp that hopes to provide an all-together different form of entertainment.


Teen Adventure Days offers something simple and spectacular at the same time. Join up with a group, and spend a week camping, climbing, canoeing, cooking, and caving together. Experience firsthand the different pace of life when you are on the river all day, or when your schedule consists of wake up, eat something, hike to the rocks, climb the rocks, eat again, swim for a while, eat some more, and spend time around the fire till you eat again.  There aren’t a lot of ways to spend a week that would be so exciting and also so refreshing at the same time.


A trip like this ends with people who started the week as strangers forming the kind of friendships that can only come to life by sharing an adventure.  If you know a teen who’d like to join the adventure, check their calendar for July 13-18.


Email joel@campphillip.com for more information.
Teen Adventure Days
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