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Ten Day Camp

Ten Day Campers


A long time ago, during the summer before Matthew and Joel were entering 9th grade, Camp Phillip held a ten-day long camp. We have not held one since. But,last summer, on a Saturday as a great group of campers was leaving us after an awesome week, it was clear that everyone involved wanted this to be just a little bit longer. So we decided to bring back Ten Day Camp.


The goal of this camp is not to give the campers just enough to get them through to the next summer. The goal is to give them so much that they are full. Think of this camp as the Thanksgiving dinner of summer camp. The campers don’t have to choose between horseback riding and rock-climbing. They get to do both. And they get to go on a caving trip as well!

The campers will have four extra nights of camp to fill with memorable campfires and adventurous evening games.


The best thing about it is that we will have a chance to build on the growth that just starts to make itself obvious on the last couple of days of a full-week camp. The bonds that grow over a six-night camp will strengthen during a ten-night camp. Instead of the campers looking at their parents at the end of the week and asking, “Why did you have to come and take me away from here?” That full feeling will lead them to hopefully say, “Wow, that was an awesome experience that I will never forget. Thank you for making it possible for me to be a part of this camp.”


For more information about this camp, look on this page: www.campphillip.com/tendaycamp


To register online for any of our camps, go here: online registration


P.S. It’s really an eleven day camp. It’s ten nights.

Ten Day Activities
Upcoming Events
Raise Money


We never want money to be the reason that someone doesn’t attend Camp Phillip. So we offer a few different options to help people get here.
For years, one popular method for families has been to participate in our cookie dough fundraiser.


The idea is simple . . . your family members sell tubs of cookie dough to your friends, family and neighbors, and we give you credit for each tub sold. 


This year we are offering a $4.00 credit for each tub sold (Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to increase the credit from $3.00 to $4.00 this time.). 


The credit can be used to pay off your balance or buy store merchandise.  You can even “bank” it to use next year if you’d like.


There is more information in this letter.


The order form is here: www.campphillip.com/downloads


If you haven’t started selling yet, this is your chance. Orders must be postmarked by March 18th.     


Culinary DelightsCooking

It’s always fun to be able to offer more camps for grown-ups. There are many times that we hear from people that they want to have the same kind of experience that their kids get to have at Camp Phillip.


So here you go adults; this is an opportunity for you to go to camp!


Do you enjoy making food, are you interested in learning a little more about it?  Come and join us this March for the first ever Camp Phillip Cooking Retreat.  This retreat will offer an overview of cooking principles as well as unique hands-on opportunities.


You will learn fundamental cooking principles including knife sharpening and classical knife cuts.  Each participant will be given the opportunity to break down a whole chicken and then make various items from it including stock and sauces.  You will also learn how to pan smoke, poach and roast. 


Space is limited, so sign up right away. Feel free to bring a friend, your spouse, or sign up on your own. Camp Phillip people are friendly people.


Registration information is here: www.campphillip.com/registration


Go here for more information about the schedule.

Big Toy Project

Last summer we started collecting donations for a fun addition to the Big Toy. In the picture below, you see the Hansen family playing on the playground at the Houston Arboretum. This climbing structure would make a great addition to the Big Toy, now that we have had to make the whole thing into a very large sandbox.


The last few years have been pretty tight financially at camp, and projects like this one are obviously the kind of things that we cut, when we cut corners. But the supplies are simple and we already have lots of logs to use for climbing. The pipe istelf will cost $650 dollars. If you are willing to donate towards the cause, it would help us to make this fun addition to the playground. It should get a ton of use, and last us a long time. These pipes are designed to last one hundred years (of normal use). :-)


So, if you are willing to offer a gift to help purchase the large pipe and other supplies, you can mail a check to Camp (the address is below), and note that it is for "outdoor program equipment." You can also call the camp office to make a donation with a credit card.


Email joel@campphillip.com for more information.
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