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Even our vans have fun!

 This is a journal entry that we discovered when cleaning one of our camp minivans:

Van Journal

I hope that journal entry let you see Camp Phillip’s ministry from a different perspective. If you know of anyone who has a van that wants to join the team of adventurers, let us know.

Upcoming Events
Summer is Coming!


Summer is almost here. It is always an exciting time for us as we prepare for the opportunities that come with the spring and summer seasons.
We will have the chance to minister to more that two thousand children during the next 6 months, through field trips, summer camps and day camps. While that is a wonderful blessing, each empty bed is a missed opportunity for a child to have the kind of mountain-top experience that will stick with them as they grow in Christ.
While we work with school field trips almost every day of May, I would encourage you to do a few things:
First, pray for Camp Phillip and our staff as we teach the Gospel to kids and families.
Second, share your enthusiasm for Camp Phillip and its impact with other families that  you know.
Last, make sure you sign up for camp.
For a lot of families, the summer calendar fills up just as quickly as it does the rest of the year. Make sure to register for camp!
Mission Tripjstaff

This summer we have committed to partner with 20 congregations using our Day Camp program to help them lead their Vacation Bible Schools. Since we’ll be sending teams of staff members to all of these churches, what’s one more?


This one is a bit more special for two reasons. First, the trip is to Arizona. This is a bit out of the range of our Day Camp vans.


Second, this trip is special because it was initiated by our high school volunteers.


The Junior Staff at Camp Phillip are a pleasure to work with, and we were more than impressed when some of them got together and suggested that they would be excited to serve outside of the Wisconsin area. They wanted to share the Gospel with children and families outside the Midwest. 


Rather than reinvent the wheel, the teens decided that partnering with Wels Kingdom Workers was the best way to find a congregation who could use their help. So we helped them get connected, and now they are planning on heading out, right after Junior Staff Training Week, to serve the WELS congregation in Peoria, AZ.


They are doing the work, they are raising the funds themselves. They recruited one of our previous SALT staff to go on the trip as their chaperone.


This group of high-school students wanted to serve Christ more. That is worth supporting.


If you are interested in helping them raise money for the trip, you can go to: www.kingdomworkers.com/CrossofGloryPeoriaAZ.

Gamers' Retreat

If you walked into the dining hall during the annual Camp Phillip Gamer’s Retreat you would see a lot of smiling faces. In fact, if you’re not a gamer, you might think it was a joke. Who sets aside a weekend in their busy schedule and drives to Wautoma, to play board games all weekend?


These people do:


 Gamers' Retreat


The term gamer may mean different things to different people. But the kind of gamers that gather at Camp Phillip for the Gamers’ Retreat each year are the kind of gamers who love sitting around a table and playing board games. For a lot of us, it is one of the highlights of the year.


After you ask who these people are, your next questions might be, “What kind of board games are those?” There are all different kinds of board games, and often our camp staff are in the position where we have to answer questions like, “Is that like Monopoly?” The answer is usually “Not really.”


At this retreat there were people playing longer, heavy strategy games. There were also people playing shorter, lighter games like this one: Click Clack Lumberjack, or this one: Animal Upon Animal.


 fun games


Most games are somewhere in the middle.  They are filled with fun, and interesting choices, and the attitude at the table is one of good-hearted fellowship.  If you’re interested in checking out games like this, try Ticket to Ride.


For those of us who simply delight in getting to sit at a table and have some good-natured fun, this weekend is a great blessing. It was a great experience to see so many people having a good time, sharing a hobby that they love. Whether the participants won a lot of games or even won a prize at one of the tournaments that were held, great fun was had by all. Also lots of snacks were shared by all.


As soon as the date gets set for next year’s retreat, you should mark your calendars. It’s a great weekend!

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