2017 camp events and registration
For more information on our summer camp programs, check out our youth programs webpage or our summer camp brochure.

Registration instructions

Online registration in three easy steps!
Much care was taken in the design of the online registration forms and much testing was done.  If you have any problems with the online registration process or if you have suggestions on improvements, please contact Pastor Tom at pastortom@campphillip.com.
1.  After deciding which program you'd like to register for, click the appropriate link (Member or Non-member) to the right of the camp name.
     (If you are not sure if your church is a congregational member, please check the Congregational members webpage.
2.  Fill out the information form (first page) and payment form (second page).
     (Note: Registration occurs when the information form is filled out, but is not complete until payment is made.)
     Payment and refund information is available on our Website policies webpage.
3.  Within minutes of your registration you will be emailed a receipt of payment, follow-up info and health forms.
     This same information is available on the Document downloads webpage under "Summer camp forms."

Paper forms
To register for any of our programs,  print off the appropriate registration form found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page and mail or fax it to Camp Phillip.

Please note:  Registration indicates that Camp Phillip has permission to use photos and videos of participants for its promotional efforts and store sales.
Dates Days Program
(Grades for summer camp refer to 2016-2017 grades)
Online registration links Room
Non member
For boys For girls
1/6-1/8 Fri-Sun Teen retreat (grades 8-12)      
3/3-3/5 Fri-Sun Women's quilting retreat      
3/17-3/18 Fri-Sat Gamers' retreat      
3/31-4/2 Fri-Sun Teen retreat (grades 8-12)      
4/8 Sat Congregational day camp training      
4/8-4/9 Sat-Sun Woodcutting weekend      
4/16 Sun Easter
5/6-5/7 Sat-Sun Work weekend      
5/26-5/29 Fri-Mon Memorial day weekend camping--Half price camping!
5/29-6/2 Mon-Fri Ropes staff training
6/4-6/10 Sun-Sat Paid staff training
6/11-6/16 Sun-Fri Junior staff training (grades 9-11) Call camp office (920-787-3202) for registrations.    
6/16-6/18 Fri-Sun Family Fest Register with paper form.    
6/18-6/21 Sun-Wed Pee wee camp 1 (grades K-2)      
6/18-6/21 Sun-Wed Fledgling camp 1 (grades 2-4)      
6/25-7/1 Sun-Sat Gap camp (grades 4-6) plus        
Archery specialty camp        
Art specialty camp        
Horseback riding specialty        
Waterfront specialty        
6/30-7/2 Fri-Sun SALT family weekend
7/3-7/7 Mon-Fri Jesus Cares camp Register with paper form.    
7/9-7/15 Sun-Sat Son Shine camp 1 (grades 6-8) plus        
Archery specialty camp        
Art specialty camp        
• Awesome hour specialty camp        
Baking specialty camp        
Fishing specialty camp        
Horseback riding specialty        
Tennis specialty camp        
7/16/-7/19 Sun-Wed Pee wee camp 2 (grades K-2)      
7/16/-7/19 Sun-Wed Fledgling camp 2 (grades 2-4)      
7/19-7/22 Wed-Sat Son Rise camp (grades 5-8)      
7/23-7/29 Sun-Sat Son Shine camp 2 (grades 3-5)        
7/30-8/5 Sun-Sat Son Shine camp 3 (grades 6-8) plus        
Camping specialty camp        
Culinary specialty camp        
Disc golf specialty camp        
Horseback riding specialty camp        
• Rock climbing specialty camp        
8/6-8/9 Sun-Wed Grandparent/grandchild camp (grades K-up)      
8/6-8/12 Sun-Sat Son Shine camp 4 (grades 3-5)        
8/13-8/16 Sun-Wed Pee wee camp 3 (grades K-2)      
8/13-8/16 Sun-Wed Fledgling camp 3 (grades 2-4)      
9/1-9/4 Fri-Mon Fall family camp / 5K Register for Fall family camp with paper form.
Register for only 5K
Open Open
10/6-10/8 Fri-Sun Women's retreat Register -- Open
10/13-10/15 Fri-Sun Confirmation class retreat Register with paper form. Open Open
10/20-10/22 Fri-Sun Teen retreat (grades 8-12) Register Open Open
10/27-10/28 Fri-Sat Gamers' retreat   Open Open
11/3-11/5 Fri-Sun Women's quilting retreat Register -- Open
11/10-11/12 Fri-Sun Women's quilting retreat Register -- Open