Save money on summer camp
Camp Phillip--Staff and camper with BibleAt Camp Phillip we would like all young people to be able to experience summer camp.  However, we realize that not all families can afford this opportunity.  We want you to know that we do understand this and are trying our best to make camp affordable for you.

First of all, we have kept our prices low; some summer camps charge up to 3 times more per week than we charge.  We are also aware that some camps charge less; most of the camps who charge less staff their camps entirely with volunteers.  We believe that our program is better and campers are safer when we can spend two weeks before summer camp begins in training the 30 college staff that we hire.  Summer camp fees pay for 30 paid college staff, 8 year-round staff, program costs, food and utilities.  Just like at your home, food and utilities continue to increase.

Secondly, we have provided a number of ways in which you can reduce what it costs to come to camp; these are outlined below.

Early registration discount
The earlier you sign up for summer camp; the more money you save--you also help us to save money on postage and marketing AND also help us to better plan for staffing and programs.
• Before January 1st--Save $30 on a full week camp and $10 on a half week camp.
• Before March 1st--Save $20 on a full week camp and $5 on a half week camp.
• Before April 1st--Save $10 on a full week camp and $5 on a half week camp.

Recruitment discount
Every year we reward campers with $25 for every new camper they sign up for a summer camp program.  And every person who signs up 5 new campers will get a free week of summer camp the next year.

Sibling discount
The sibling discount is $35 off the regular cost for each child after the first one who registers for a full week camp.

Corporation church discount
Members of congregations who have joined Camp Phillip Inc are entitled to a discount (about 10%) from their camp fees.  Check on the Congregational members page to see if your congregation has become a member of Camp Phillip Inc.  If you would like to encourage your congregation to become a member, you can find the Congregational membership brochure/form under "Membership forms" on the Downloads page.

Called worker discount
Full-time WELS called workers receive a discount of $15/child registered for full week camps.

Cookie credit
Our cookie dough fundraiser is a great way to help a child take responsibility for some of the summer camp fee; some children have actually earned enough money to pay for their camp and have some money left over for the camp store.  Your child will earn $5 in camp credit for every tub of cookie dough that is sold.  Sell 50 units and that's $250; sell 75 units and you have paid for most full weeks at camp!

The Cookie dough fundraiser is offered once a year in February-March.  When the fundraiser is active, you can find an order form and informational flyer to download on our Downloads page under "Funding forms".

Once you have the form, simply fill in the child’s name, phone number, church name and city on the attached sales sheet and begin selling tubs of cookie dough to friends and relatives.  Maybe you can even help by taking the form to church or work.  Here are some ideas on how to promote your Cookie credit fundraiser.

Make sure to check when your order form is due.  Send your orders and money (with checks made out to "Camp Phillip") to:
    Camp Phillip Cookie Credit
    W9944 Buttercup Avenue
    Wautoma, WI 54982

Once your order form is turned in to the Camp Phillip office, the money will be credited to your account and we will also send you details on the exact place (generally within a half hour of where you live), date and time of delivery.

For our Cookie dough fundraiser we make use of Anderson's Partytime Fundraising which is run by members of our local WELS congregation.  Phone number: 1-800-873-6431.  Email:

If, after you have followed the previous suggestions, you still need help, we have a limited number of camperships available for up to 50% of the total camp fee (a maximum of $250 per family per year).

Approval of camperships depends upon the availability of funds and openings in the camp programs.  The following procedures will be followed:
• Firstly camperships will go to people who have made an effort to raise some of the funds themselves by using the methods outlined above.
• Secondly camperships will go to members of corporation congregations.
• Finally camperships will go to people who are not members of corporation congregations.

You can request a campership form by contacting the camp office at (920) 787-3202 or