Wish list
Wish list for which funds are being collected
• Money for high ropes course harnesses (this is an ongoing need!)--$50 each
• Car/truck battery management system--$300
• Spool of rope for ropes course (this is an ongoing need!)--$670
• New cabin (Phase 1)--$300,000 / $150,000 raised
• Admin bldg and WISCO 2 basement remodeling
• Adventure therapy program
• Commercial athletic sprinkler
• Commercial vacuums
• Dehumidifers for cabins
• Dining Hall closet construction
• Dining Hall kitchen combi oven
• Dining Hall kitchen cooler/freezer addition
• Dining Hall kitchen tiling
• Disc golf tee area improvemnts (adding mats or wood chips)
• Grapple budket for skid steer / $3,118 raised
• John Deere Gator
• Phase 1 remaining projects (Camp loan, Kitchen addition, Machinery building addition, 2nd new cabin)
• Picnic tables
• Run electricity to ropes shed
• Tailgate sand/salt spreader

Combination processor for the kitchen--$800  Money was donated!
New high ropes course element--$1,000  Money was donated!
Sand for playground (mandated by insurance company)--$1,100  Money was donated!
Waterfront sea wall repair--$1,500  Money was donated!
Articulate e-learning software--$1,850  Money was donated!
Vinyl siding for Quad--$2,000  Money was donated!
Wireless network for camp--$4,500  Money was donated!
Pier for waterfront--$5,500  Money was donated!
Water heater for Dining hall--$7,000  Money was donated!
Money for remodelling the basement of WISCO 3  Money was donated!
Paraments for the altar  Money was donated!
Waterfront lily pads  Money was donated!
Wish list items that can be purchased
• First aid supplies:  Ace bandages, Advil, antibiotic ointment, ahtletic tape, bandaids, Benadryl, chloraseptic spray, cough drops, eye drops, ibuprofen, Sudafed, sunburn cream, suntan lotion, throat lozenges, Tylenol.
• Grounds needs:  Rakes, shovels, trees, wood chips for landscaping.
• Kitchen needs:  Aluminum foil, chocolate chips, coffee, dishcloths, dish soap, dish towels, paper towels, plastic utensils, plastic wrap, plastic zip closure bags (sandwich and 1 gallon), sugar (white and brown), walnuts.
• Maintenance needs:  Batteries (size C, D and 9 volt), bleach, Bug Stop spray, flashlights, ice choppers, light bulbs (60 and 75 watt white or yellow), push brooms, shop vacs (10 gallon), toilet bowl cleaner, toilet paper, window cleaner.
• Office supplies:  Black pens, boxes of #10 envelopes (plain and left side window) and #9 envelopes, color copier paper, note cards, reams of white paper (8-1/2 x 11 and 8-1/2 x 14).
• Program supplies:  Acrylic ice rocks/decorative gems/faux jewels, balls (basketballs, dodgeballs, kick balls, volleyballs), candy bars, costumes (adult size), dice, discs for disc golf, face paint, finger paint, frisbees (new or used), fruit snacks, gas cards, gift cards, glow in the dark balls, glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets, guitar picks, guitar strings, hornet/wasp spray, painter's tape, paracord, pie irons, s'mores ingredients, tie dye supplies, wooden matches.
• Vehicles:  Used vans in good working condition.  Donated!
• Waterfront:  Goggles, new paddleboats, pontoon boat.  Donated!
If you would like to mail a donation, please send your check to Camp Phillip (W9944 Buttercup Ave, Wautoma, WI  54982-7032).

For more information on donations to Camp Phillip, please contact the camp office at 920-787-3202 or e-mail us at office@campphillip.com.