SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team)
Camp Phillip--Summer Adult Leadership Team

Great staff are vital . . . and we have the best!

You can have the best programs in the world and you can have the finest buildings money can buy; but if you don't have quality staff, you have missed the the greatest opportunity that exists to impact a young Christian's life.

Children have seen plenty of people in their lives who talk about the importance of faith, but don't live it.  There is no greater opportunity than Christian camping to see faith in action.

Staff are with the campers 24 hours a day for as long as the campers are at camp.  They play games together and they eat meals together, they sing together and they sleep in the same cabins, they get goofy together and they get serious together, they study God's Word together and they pray together.  Bonds are formed.  Defenses come down.  Honest discussions take place.  Real growth happens.

That's why we take the selection of our staff very seriously.  That's why we take our training very seriously.

During the summer we hire 30-35 staff college-age or older.  The positions include male and female counselors, congregational day camp staff, kitchen staff, program staff, waterfront staff, adventure coordinator, junior staff director and photographer.

Here's what you can expect of our staff.

Camp Phillip--Summer staff ready to serve Role models

Here's what one mother wrote to us (and we couldn't say it better ourselves), "My son had an awesome time!  He had never been away from home for more than a night; I wasn't sure how he would do.  He loved the counselors, staff and programs.  He can't wait to come back next year, is singing the songs and even talked about the junior staff program.  Thanks to all for the great Christian role models.  Camp was a positive experience he won't soon forget."
Camp Phillip--Stafff reading Bible WELS Christians

Although we are glad to share Christ with children from outside our church body, our mission at Camp Phillip is to serve WELS Christians.  For that reason, our staff must be mature Christians who sincerely love the Lord and who subscribe to the teachings of the WELS.

Since 1994 more than 70 of our staff have become or are being trained as pastors, teachers or staff ministers in the WELS.
Camp Phillip--Summer staff love campers! Love for children

Our staff must also have a sincere love for children.  And that's not always easy, because there's no such thing as a perfect child.

Well, there was one, but even He made His parents a bit nervous when they couldn't find Him after worship one day.  If you don't know about whom I'm talking, you really need to come to Camp Phillip.
Camp Phillip--Summer staff trained on ropes course Well trained

Our staff undergo an intense week of training which covers topics like risk management, emergency procedures, counseling, Christian discipline and programming.

All staff have CPR and basic first aid training.  Many of the staff are lifeguards and many begin their summer training with a week ropes course instruction.
Camp Phillip--Summer staff wearing costumes Fun

Young people come to camp to have fun.  And there's plenty of that at camp too.

From the crazy skits at campfires and outrageous evening games to the final evening meal of camp where staff serve campers in some of the wildest costumes you could ever imagine, campers will definitely be entertained.

Register for camp today so your child can bond with our staff.

To register for summer camp, register online or print off the Summer camp registration form (found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page) and mail or fax it to Camp Phillip.