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2019 Women's programs brochure--Not ready
2019 Teen retreat brochure--January 4th-6th
2019 Teen retreat brochure--April 12th-14th--Not ready
2019 Teen retreat brochure--October 18th-20th--Not ready
Downloadable logos
Here are some Camp Phillip logos you can use in your own publications.  Just open the logos, click on the right mouse button and "Copy", and then "Paste" it where you want it to go.
Camp Phillip logo with words on the right
Camp Phillip logo with words below
Camp Phillip logo

Funding forms
Give the gift of Camp Phillip--Can be used to ask others for financial help for summer camp.
Kwik Trip Kwik Cards allow you to designate your Kwik Rewards rebate to your favorite charity.
Registration forms
For online registrations, go to the Camp events and registration webpage.
2019 Confirmation class retreat registration form
2019 Fall family camp registration form
2019 Family Fest registration form
2019 Grand camp registration form
2019 Jesus Cares registration form--Not ready
2019 Junior staff registration form--First year--Not ready
2019 Junior staff registration form--Second year--Not ready
2019 Junior staff registration form--Third year--Not ready
2019 Pee wee camp registration form
2019 Summer camp early bird registration form--Register before 1/1/2019 for special savings!
2019 Teen retreat registration form
2019 Women's programs registration form
Program registration form (not for summer camp)
Summer camp forms
Please fill out only the forms that your follow-up letter or email asks you to fill out.
2019 Adult volunteer application and Health form
2019 Summer camp confirmation letter / Wish list / Camper health form / Parent questionnaire
    2019 Grandparent/grandchild confirmation letter
    2019 Pee wee camp confirmation letter
    2019 Summer camp specialty camps letter
Health form--Adult
Health form--Camper
Parent questionnaire for adventure camps (Rock Climbing Specialty only)
Release form for Horseback riding--Big Horn Ranch (Horseback Specialty only)
Release form for Rock climbing (Specialty Camp only)

Summer camp forms--Fillable
These pdf forms can be filled out online, saved and even submitted online.  When you click the “Submit Form to Camp Phillip” button you will be given two choices:
    1.  Desktop email application
         This option opens up your desktop email program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook),
         creates an email with the completed form filled out and saved.
         All you have to do is click “Send.”
    2.  Internet email
         This option (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail) will open a screen and have you save your file.
         You will then have to use your Internet email service to send an email to and attach the pdf.
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Camper health form
Parent questionnaire
Release form for Canoeing
Release form for Rock climbing
Release form for Rock climbing and Caving