Retreat planning
Camp Phillip staff plan, promote and run a full summer camp schedule for young people from kindergarten through twelfth grade and also many weekend retreats throughout the year.  Whenever we are not running camp-sponsored programs, our cabins and conestoga wagons are available to be rented.  Our staff will provide the food service and will be involved in as much or as little of the programming as a group desires .

Check out what we offer
If you are planning a retreat, we would love to be able to serve you.
Check out these pages to see what Camp Phillip offers:
    • Reasons to come
    • Activity areas and Activities
    • Facilities
    • Camp map and Location
    • Rates
    • General information
    • Retreat contract policies
    • Retreat planning guide 

Five steps to planning a retreat
Once you've decided to come, follow these steps to plan a retreat at Camp Phillip:

Step 1:  Brainstorm ideas for retreat
    It is helpful if you can make the following decisions prior to contacting Camp Phillip to book a retreat.
        • Group size anticipated (all people in your group including chaperones);
        • Dates desired;
        • Facilities (e.g. meeting space) needed;
        • Meals desired (number of breakfasts, lunches and suppers);
        • Programming desired.

Step 2:  Communicate with camp
    Contact the camp office to get in touch with one of camp's program staff.
        Phone:  920-787-3202
        E-mail:  office@

Step 3:  Complete the contract
    You will receive a Camp Phillip contract.
        Please read through the Retreat contract policies on the back of the contract.
        Sign the contract and return it by the due date with a non-refundable deposit of $100.
    Two weeks before the retreat, final camper numbers must be provided to Camp Phillip.

Step 4:  Have all attendees fill out a Program registration form
    Every person attending Camp Phillip must fill out a Camp Phillip program registration form.
        • Every person, no matter how old
             Camp Phillip program registration form side 1
        • Every person who will be participating in the low ropes or high ropes
             Camp Phillip program registration form side 1 and side 2 column 1
        • Every person who will be participating in the rock climbing or caving program
             Camp Phillip program registration form side 1 and side 2
    Upon your arrival at camp, give these forms to the camp staff.
    Give a copy of these forms to the drivers in whose cars the people are riding in case of an emergency.

Step 5:  Make final payment
    Before your departure from camp, Camp Phillip staff will meet with you to figure the balance of the fees.
    The fees must be paid at this time unless prior arrangements have been made with Camp Phillip