Rates - 2019
Rates listed are for individuals in fellowship with the WELS.  Other prices may be obtained by calling the camp office at 920-787-3202.
Cabins (Check-in--3 P.M. / Check-out--1 P.M.)
    Early arrival
        12:00 noon - 3:00 P.M. $2.00/person
        9 A.M. - 12:00 noon $4.00/person
    Group prices $14.00/person/night (Minimum is equivalent to Family prices.)
    Family prices  
        May - September $42.00/room/night
        October - April $47.00/room/night

Campsites (Check-in--3 P.M.)
    Early arrival $2.00/group or family
    Group prices $2.00/person/night (minimum of $18.00/group)
    Family prices  
        without electricity $22.00/family/night
        with electricity $26.00/family/night
        with electricity/water $30.00/family/night

Conestoga wagons (Check-in--3 P.M.)
    Group prices $8.00/person/night
    Family prices $32.00/family/night

Educational field trips (schools)
Included with this fee are 3 meals, 1 night lodging and all programming; 1 chaperon comes free for up to 9 students of each sex.  There is an extra charge for the high ropes course.
    Weekday (Mon-Thurs) trip $42.00/person (15 person minimum)

Food service (we prepare meals)  15 person minimum
    Breakfast $5.00/person ($4.50--5th grade and below)
    Lunch $6.00/person ($5.50--5th grade and below) 
    Dinner $7.00/person ($6.50--5th grade and below) 

Programs--High ropes course
High ropes participants must be 6th grade and above.  Minimum time on the course is 3 hours.
    Half day (3-4 hours) $15.00/person
    Full day (6-8 hours) $23.00/person

Programs--Off-site adventure (maximum of 12)
    Program fee of $225/group + camp staff car mileage at $0.375/mile

Programs--Off-site church/school groups
    Program fee of $40.00/hour/staff + camp staff car mileage at $0.375/mile

    Teen retreat $65/camper
    Women's retreat (+ quilting) $89/woman

Staff assistance
Our camp staff is here to make your retreat a success, whether the program be low ropes course, Bible studies, sing alongs, campfires, nature studies, etc.  The first hour of our service for overnight groups is free; after that, programming is $1.50/participant/hour.  Programming for day groups is $4.00/participant/hour.

Summer camp
Discounts available for Corporation congregation members, Early birds, New campers recruited and Siblings.
    Pee wee camp (3 nights) $89/camper (grades K-2)
    Fledgling camp (3 nights) $199/camper (grades 2-4)
    Son Rise camp (3 nights) $203/camper (grades 5-8)
    Son Shine (6 nights) $422/camper (grades 3-5 and 4-6)
        Archery $447/camper (grades 4-6)
        Art $452/camper (grades 4-6)
        Baking $447/camper (grades 4-6)
        Horseback $557/camper (grades 4-6)
        Motion and design $447/camper (grades 4-6)
    Son Shine (6 nights) $431/camper (grades 6-8)
        Archery $456/camper (grades 6-8)
        Art $461/camper (grades 6-8)
        Awesome hour $441/camper (grades 6-8)
        Baking $456/camper (grades 6-8)
        Camping $406/camper (grades 6-8)
        Culinary $456/camper (grades 6-8)
        Fishing $451/camper (grades 6-8)
        Horseback $566/camper (grades 6-8)
        LARPing $446/camper (grades 6-8)
        Rock climbing $501/camper (grades 6-8)
    Junior staff (5 nights) $244/camper (grades 9-11)
    Jesus Cares (4 nights) $470/camper