General information
Respect the Gospel!  In Christian thankfulness, we respect:
    G od--by following His commands and honoring Him in all we do;
    O thers--by loving them, helping them and building them up;
    S elf--by treating our bodies as temples of God;
    P roperty--by taking care of the cabins, buildings and campground;
    E quipment--by properly using and storing all equipment;
    L ife--by protecting the forests and wildlife, and by putting litter in its place.

Please be considerate of others and exercise good Christian judgment when consuming alcohol.

The archery range is only to be used with camp staff supervision, or after obtaining permission from camp staff.  Archery equipment may only be used with staff supervision.

Area attractions
Information is available on the Area attractions        webpage or at the Administration Building.

Please follow all rules posted at the court.  Do not hang on any of the rims other than at station #14.

Take note of camp's property lines and stay within the boundaries.  Please stay out of buildings that are not being used by your group.  Cabins housing the opposite gender are also off-limits.

Build campfires only within the designated rings and do not dig new firepits.  Do not leave fires unattended; douse the fires before leaving your campsite.

Chaperons for retreat groups
We ask that you provide 24 hour supervision for the campers.  After and before meals you are expected to be with them.  We recommend not leaving camp to buy treats for the campers or offer to take them to town.  This could disrupt the goals of the retreat.

In the case of an emergency please contact the Camp Phillip staff member who is on call; this phone number is located on the door of the Nurse's station at the Dining Hall (the door to the right of the fireplace).

Please feel free to participate in our activities.  We ask that you provide guidance for the campers and show them by example your love for Christ and for them.

Before departing everybody is responsible for the general cleanup of the site or facilities used during their stay.  Please follow the Cleanup instructions posted in the cabins.

Dump station
A dump station is available for use on the main road.  Please properly dispose of all blackwater (sewage) and greywater.

See What to do in case of emergencies and Emergency numbers and directions.

Anyone 16 years of age or older must have a fishing license.  No fishing is to be done from the swimming piers or in the swimming area; there is a fishing pier to the north of the swimming area for your use.  Life jackets must be worn in boats.  Bait is available for purchase at several locations in Wautoma, including Mark's Marine at W7488 Hwy 21.

Hunting is prohibited, unless permission is obtained from the Camp Director.

11 P.M. - 7 A.M. is a reasonable quiet time.  Zoning rules prohibit fireworks.

With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed in any camp buildings.  Animals must be kept leashed and waste should be properly disposed.

Outside the Dining Hall are three dumpsters--one for cardboard and paper, one for garbage and one for recyclables.  Please be careful to deposit things in the proper containers.  For your convenience, garbage cans are also located near every sleeping area.  Please keep the lid closed at all times to prevent animals from crawling into cans.

Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance; retreat groups and field trip groups are strongly encouraged to make their reservations as early as possible.

Restrooms are cleaned daily.  If something needs to be done at another time, please let camp staff know.  Please do not leave towels or toiletries in the bathroom facilities, and do not let shower curtains hang outside the stall while showering.  Because of the sensitivity of the septic system, do not dispose of any sanitary items in the toilet.

Ropes course
Due to the nature of this program, we ask you to comply with the following:
• You are allowed on the ropes course stations only with Camp Phillip staff supervision.
• Please meet at the Dining Hall when you are scheduled for the ropes course.
• You will need to wear long pants and athletic shoes or boots.  Long sleeves are also recommended.
• Please leave valuables, dangling earrings and necklaces behind in your cabin.  No chewing gum is allowed on the course.
• We operate under the philosophy of "challenge by choice."  This means that we will encourage you to participate in all the activities, but if for some reason you feel unsafe you will not be forced to do that activity.  Our job is to invite you to do more than you may think is possible and encourage you along the way.
• Have fun, grow, learn and glorify the Lord!

Severe weather
In case of severe weather a siren will be sounded from the Dining Hall.  Everyone should seek shelter in the basements of their buildings or the basements of the Nature Center or Administration Building.

Shaded areas
Please be respectful of other groups who are on the property.  Areas such as the Comfort Station shelter, gazebos, playground and athletic fields are first come-first served.  Please share and be considerate of others' needs.  Camp-sponsored programs have priority at these areas.

Because of fire danger and as a courtesy to other guests, smoking is not permitted in or near any of the buildings or in the woods. 

Speed limit
Drive slowly and carefully observe posted speed limits.

Sports equipment
Equipment can be found in the bin near the basketball court.  Disc golf discs are located in the box at hole #1.  Please return equipment to its proper place.  To use other camp equipment, please speak with camp staff.

Items for sale include clothing, songbooks and candy.  Our camp store in the Dining Hall is open at various times or upon the request of a group’s leader.

If you enjoy your stay, tell others.  If you have suggestions, tell us.

• Camp Phillip’s phone number at the Administration Building is (920) 787-3202.
• Camp Phillip’s fax number at the Administration Building is (920) 787-0032.

Our conditional use permit prohibits recreational minibikes, ATVs and snowmobiles.  Vehicles must stay on camp roads.  Please observe chains and restricted access signs.

Please follow all rules posted at the waterfront.  Boats are available on a first come-first served basis.  Life jackets (available at the waterfront) must be used while boating.  Swimming is done at your own risk.  Adults must accompany any children under 18.  Life jackets are not to be used for swimming.  For lifeguard help talk to the Camp Phillip staff.  Camp-sponsored programs have priority at the waterfront.  The Upper White River Millpond is a 64 acre lake with a maximum depth of 29 feet and is a no-wake lake.

Dead, fallen wood may be used free of charge.  Do not cut anything else without permission.  To prevent the spread of disease the DNR says that no trees should be cut between April 15th - July 15th.  Firewood is available in the wood shed for a fee.  Please deposit payment in the designated envelopes above the freezer in the Dining Hall hallway.

Worship service
You are welcome to join us for worship on Sunday morning in the Dining Hall.  Services are held at 9:30 every Sunday in peak season, and most Sundays during the off-season when groups are on the property.  After the service you may make a donation to support our ministry.