Here's what some parents have said about Camp Phillip:

"I wouldn't be the same person without Camp Phillip and the people that come along with it.  It is a priority of ours to make sure our kids will be going for years to come.  Best.  Place.  Ever."  ~Jenni Klas Schubring
"Camp Phillip was such a large part of my life for a long time.  First as a camper, then for 3 years volunteering as a Jr. Counselor.  I miss it all the time.  It is a great place to go and meet new people, make great friends and great memories, and to grow in your faith.  I am a stronger Christian today because of the time I spent at Camp Phillip.  I highly recommend this camp to every person who asks about it or asks for a suggestion of a summer camp . I love this place and miss being able to go there every summer for a week of relaxation, fun, friends, and learning more of what our Savior has done for us."  ~Rachel Thiesfeldt
"Camp Phillip is your getaway and recharge, your outlet for serving, your child's favorite summer memory, your family's vacation, your fishing trip, your swimming hole, your disc golf course, your challenge course, your teambuilding, your rejuvenator, your open space, your stargazing, your place for being yourself, and your destination for meditating on God's truths.  It's your gentle reminder to get your teeth on the Word personally and with your church as much as possible.  It may even be where your spouse-to-be is waiting for you!  It's not just camping, it's real and raw growth!  This is only touching the tip of the iceberg of what God has done and is doing for me through my camp and your camp, Camp Phillip."  ~Aaron Schulz
"I wanted to let you know how much our son and his cousin loved camp this year!  Our drive home was full of great stories.  But the greatest was hearing, ‘I wanna be a junior counselor.  You get to hang out with such awesome people, it’s cool that they’re Christian.’  A parent couldn’t ask for more!"
"I want to thank you for all you do at Camp Phillip.  I could not believe the difference it made for my daughter.  She is going through some very trying times in her life, and I believe she found a renewed sense of spiritual strength that week in Camp Phillip.  Thanks for caring and for all your time and hard work.  It can make a difference in a child's life."
"My son had an awesome time!  He had never been away from home for more than a night; I wasn’t sure how he would do.  He loved the counselors, staff and programs.  He can’t wait to come back next year, is singing the songs and even talked about the junior staff program.  Thanks to all for the great Christian role models.  Camp was a positive experience he won’t soon forget."
"Thanks for giving our whole family such a fantastic and memorable camp experience.  Your pee-wee counselors were Unbelievable--they went WAY above our expectations.  In the word of my 6 year old, ‘Camp Phillip rocks!’"
"My daughter attended camp for the first time this year and had a super week.  Last night I found her in her room having devotions because she wanted to follow the format outlined at Camp Phillip.  Thank you!!!!"
"Thank you so much for all you do!  We love Camp Phillip for the faith building opportunities it gives our children and ourselves."
"Thank you for the campership that was given to my two children.  I attended church camp and I always wanted my children to experience church camp."
"Thanks for allowing my daughter to be a part of Camp Phillip.  I believe strongly in my heart that her time at Camp Phillip has helped turn her into the fine young Christian woman she is today."