Camp Phillip--Colleen Zahn Administrative assistant - Colleen Zahn
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Married to Mike. Children are Marie, Renee and Nicole; grandchildren are Autumn, Rosalie, Andre and Harmony.

Began at Camp Phillip in 2000.

Current responsibilities include registrations, accounts receivable, data entry and mailings.
  Food service director - Sue Ratzburg
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Began at Camp Phillip in 2018.  Food service director since 2020.

Current responsibilities include food service.
  Food service staff - Pam Leifer
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Began at Camp Phillip in 2018.

Current responsibilities include food service.
  Maintenance director - Kevin Bohn
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Began at Camp Phillip in 2017.  Maintenance director since 2020.

Current responsibilities include maintenance.
Camp Phillip--Matthew Bown Program director/Interim camp director - Matthew Bown
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Attended Martin Luther College.

Married to Nikki.

Began at Camp Phillip in 2002.

Current responsibilities include directing summer camp and junior staff, hiring and training summer staff, recruiting adult volunteers, organizing retreats, designing the summer camp brochure and managing the camp store.
Camp Phillip--Eli Midthun Program director - Eli Midthun
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Graduate of UW-Madison.

Began at Camp Phillip in 2018.

Current responsibilities include directing off-site programs and assisting with other programs.
  Staff assistant - Sy Vanissaveth
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Graduate of  Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Began at Camp Phillip in 2016.

Current responsibilities include coordinating Congregational day camps and helping with accounting.
Camp Phillip--Summer Adult Leadership Team SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team)
Our firm belief is that staff are the most important element of a child's experience at camp. During the summer we hire 30-35 staff college-age or older. The positions include male and female counselors, congregational day camp staff, kitchen staff, program staff, waterfront staff, adventure coordinator, junior staff director and photographer.
Camp Phillip--Junior staff Junior staff
We rely on high school-age volunteers to help throughout the summer in the areas of operations, programs and assistant counseling. All teens interested in volunteering are expected to attend Junior staff training at the beginning of summer. Their responsibilities and times of service depend on their age level and Christian maturity. We have limited this program to 100 total young people with 5-15 people helping out per week. A male and female junior staff director are in charge of the students.
Camp Phillip--Volunteers Volunteers
Camp Phillip could not exist without its volunteers. Without a full-time Maintenance Director, maintenance projects are left to volunteers or our year-round staff when they have time. With 9 vehicles (plus lawnmowers, weed trimmers, chain saws, etc.), 18 buildings and 177.5 acres, there’s always something that has to be done. We can always use help in three different areas: building maintenance, vehicle maintenance and grounds upkeep/landscaping.
Camp Phillip--Summer adult volunteers Summer camp adult volunteers help in positions such as health care director, food service staff, crafts supervisor, maintenance staff and groundskeeper.

While volunteers are welcome at camp any time, there are certain weekends in the spring and fall that are set aside as work weekends. Please check Camp events and registration for more information.

To volunteer or to receive more information on volunteering, please contact the camp office at 920-787-3202 or e-mail us at