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What opportunity will benefit your child the most this summer?

There are so many oppportunities for a child during the summer.  So how do you choose which one would be the best?

Check out this 1 minute video to see how your child could have an experience of a lifetime!

What I want for my child this summer


Great staff are vital . . . and we have the best!

Camp Phillip--Summer staff are vital A camp can have the best programs and the finest buildings in the world; but if the camp doesn't have quality staff, it has missed the greatest opportunity that exists to impact a young Christian's life.

Children have seen plenty of people in their lives who talk about the importance of faith, but don't live it.  There is no greater opportunity than Christian camping to see faith in action.

Staff are with the campers 24 hours a day for as long as the campers are at camp.  They play games together and they eat meals together, they sing together and they sleep in the same cabins, they get goofy together and they get serious together, they study God's Word together and they pray together.  Bonds are formed.  Defenses come down.  Honest discussions take place.  Real growth happens.

That's why we take the selection of our staff and their training very seriously.

During the summer we hire 30-35 staff college-age or older.  The positions include male and female counselors, congregational day camp staff, kitchen staff, program staff, junior staff directors and photographers.

To learn more about our summer staff, check out our SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team) webpage.


Benefit from summer camp programs for youth of all ages--grades K - 12!

Camp Phillip--Pee wee camp Pee wee camp (half week day camps for grades K-2)
Adults and children camp in our campground with their own equipment. Our staff provide a day-camp experience for the children and offer optional activities and Bible studies for adults. Two lunches are included for the children.
Camp Phillip--Fledgling camp Fledgling camp (half week overnight camps for grades 2-4)
This camp is structured the same as Son Shine camp, with the same great activities, but it is only a half week for younger campers. If you’ve never been to camp before, this is the perfect time to come!
Camp Phillip--Bula ball Son Rise camp (half week overnight camps for grades 5-8)
Enjoy much of the fun of Son Shine camp packed into a few days. Plus you get some say in your schedule and can sign up for the activities that you want to do!
Camp Phillip--Waterfront Son Shine camp (full week overnight camps for grades 3-5, 4-6 and 6-8)
Children enjoy a time of zany games, creative Bible studies, swimming, archery, crafts, creation encounters, outdoor sports, campfires, skits, low ropes course (grades 3-5) or high ropes course (grades 6-8) and more. Amidst all the fun and games children learn how to put God first in their lives. Comfortable cabins and great meals are provided.
Camp Phillip--Rock climbing Rock climbing (full week overnight camps for grades 6-8)
Adventure campers participate in the same memorable activities with the other Son Shine campers, but they also spend an unforgettable day rock climbing at Devil’s Lake State Park. Back at camp they will challenge themselves in other adventure activities including both high and low ropes course. Transportation to site is provided.
Camp Phillip--Horseback riding Specialty camps (full week overnight camps for grades 4-6 and 6-8)
In addition to regular Son Shine camp activities, campers spend 2 hours each day in their favorite program area from the following list: archery, art, awesome hour, baking, camping, culinary, fishing, horseback, LARPing, motion and design, and rock climbing.  Children do not need prior expertise in these programs.
Camp Phillip--Teens Teen retreats (Weekends in Jan, Apr & Oct for grades 8-12)
These retreats are wonderful opportunities to meet new Christian friends who share in your same faith and who experience your same struggles and joys. Teens on these weekends enjoy exciting games, contemporary worship, relevant Bible studies and make lasting memories, all in an outdoor setting.
Check the Online registration page to see if there is still room for campers.


Register for camp today!

To register for summer camp, register online or print off the Summer camp registration form (found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page) and mail or fax it to Camp Phillip.

To register for a teen retreat, register online or print off the Teen retreat registration form (found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page) and mail or fax it to Camp Phillip.