Congregational/Individual members
Camp Phillip Bible study

Memberships are a great way to support a ministry you love . . .
    and benefit hundreds of campers at the same time.

Camp Phillip Inc offers two types of membership:  Congregational and Individual.
 Check out Congregational members to see a listing of active corporation congregations.

The fees from both memberships provide vital funds for Camp Phillip and are greatly appreciated!


Congregational memberships for WELS/ELS congregations

Members of corporation congregations receive a 10% discount on all camp programs, so really congregations are helping their members with the cost of attending camp.

Each congregation may also select two adult male members to serve as representatives at our annual meetings.

There is NO congregational membership fee, but we do ask that corporation congregations provide all its members an opportunity to support Camp Phillip in some way, such as a door offering.  These offerings result in discounts of over $20,000 to hundreds of corporation congregation members each year.  Offerings from the current year apply to discounts for the next year.

To become a Congregational member, print off the Congregational membership form and mail it to Camp Phillip.

Individual memberships

Your annual membership helps us with camp projects each year and allows voting members (WELS/ELS member, male, age 18 or older) to elect Board of Directors at the annual meeting.  In addition you will receive a 10% discount in the camp store.

To become an Individual/Family member, print off the Individual/family membership form and mail it along with your annual fee to Camp Phillip.  At this time the Individual/family membership fee is $50 per year.

Note:  Because this membership provides a benefit in the 10% discount, it cannot be considered a donation for IRS tax purposes.  If you would like to make a tax exempt donation to Camp Phillip, please check out our Donations webpage or our Donate online webpage.