Specialty camps
Camp Phillip--Volleyball

Want to spend more time in an activity of your choosing?  Try Specialty camp!

Full week overnight camp for grades 4-6 or 6-8
In addition to regular Son Shine camp activities, campers spend 2 hours each day in their favorite program area from the following list:
Archery Campers will be instructed on the safe and proper use of bows and arrows.  They will practice target shooting and participate in different archery skill contests.  Campers who bring their own bows must have them approved by the archery leader and allow them to be locked up with the other archery equipment. 
Art Create awesome works of art!
Awesome hour Campers will be involved in some creative and crazy activities planned by our staff.  Please bring some extra old/grubby clothes that could get dirty/messy. 
Baking Campers will spend time in the kitchen each day making some delicious treats.  You may bring your own apron if you’d like, but it is not required.
Camping Under the supervision of our staff, campers will be setting up tents and maintaining their own campsite.  All the tents and supplies will be provided (you will still need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag), but if you have any specialty camping gear you’d like to bring, feel free to do so!
Horseback Each day campers will travel to nearby stables to learn horsemanship.  Please bring comfortable riding clothes.  Horseback specialty does not do low/high ropes course.
LARPing For years, Live Action Role Playing has been a hit with campers during awesome hour and free time blocks.  Several requests have come in to make it a specialty.  We've heard your cries.  This is going to be incredible!
Rock climbing This camp adds vigorous challenges to the already great activities at Camp Phillip.  Campers will spend one full day at Devil’s Lake State Park rock climbing and will do extra challenges on the high and low ropes course at camp.   Be sure to bring good sturdy shoes and comfortable pants for climbing.  Climbing shoes are not required but can enhance the experience.  Camp Phillip will supply the basic equipment for rock climbing and transportation.
Rocketry You will be working with our staff to build, paint and launch your own rocket!  All materials will be provided; but, if you’d like to bring any special stickers/decals (or anything else!) to decorate your rocket, feel free!

Campers do not need prior expertise in these programs.

Check out the dates for the various specialties on the Camp-sponsored events calendar.


A jam packed schedule plus two hours in the morning for your specialty!

Specialty camp sample schedule (activities may vary)
7:30 Rise and shine
8:00 Password
8:10 Breakfast
9:00 Morning Bible study
9:30 Cabin clean-up
10:00 Specialty activity
12:00 Camper choice time
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Quiet time
2:00 Activity period--Bible study or High ropes
3:00 Snack / Staff growth and meeting
3:30 Activity period--Outdoor sports or High ropes
4:30 Activity period--Swimming or High ropes
5:30 Camper cabinet jobs
6:00 Supper
6:45 Song period
7:15 Evening program
8:00 Snack
8:30 Campfire

Check the Online registration page to see if there is still room for campers.


Choose your specialty and register for camp today!

To register for Specialty camp, register online or print off the Summer camp registration form (found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page) and mail or fax it to Camp Phillip.

On the first day of camp check-in is from 2:30-4:30 PM.  On the final day of camp we will have a program for campers and their parents at 10:00 AM; campers should be picked up at 11 AM.  Whoever takes the camper home must sign out with the camper’s counselor.