SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team)

Great staff are vital, and we have the best!

You can have the best programs in the world and you can have the finest buildings money can buy; but if you don't have quality staff, you have missed the the greatest opportunity that exists to impact a young Christian's life.

Children have seen plenty of people in their lives who talk about the importance of faith, but don't live it.  There is no greater opportunity than Christian camping to see faith in action.

Staff are with the campers 24 hours a day for as long as the campers are at camp.  They play games together and they eat meals together, they sing together and they sleep in the same cabins, they get goofy together and they get serious together. They study God's Word together and they pray together.  Bonds are formed.  Defenses come down.  Honest discussions take place.  Real growth happens.

That's why we take the selection of our staff very seriously.  That's why we take our training very seriously.

During the summer we hire 30-35 staff college-age or older.  The positions include male and female counselors, congregational day camp staff, kitchen staff, program staff, waterfront staff, adventure coordinator, junior staff director and photographers.


Meet our counselors for 2019!

Grace Bain - LaCrosse, WI

Hello! It’s my privilege to be serving God’s children here at Camp Phillip. This is my second year on SALT staff and I will be counseling and lifeguarding. I will be starting my sophomore year at Martin Luther College for elementary education in August.  My favorite thing about Camp Phillip is that everything is clearly centered around Jesus and His incredible love for us! In my free time I like to bake, hike, make music, and hang out with friends and family. God’s blessings on your summer, and I’m looking forward to meeting and serving your camper!



Sarah Brooks - Jefferson, WI

Hello hello!! This is my second year on SALT and I am currently attending Martin Luther College for elementary and special education. My absolute favorite thing about camp is being able to talk about Jesus every day with His little lambs whether they are campers, staff or visitors. Some things I like to do include running/biking, hiking in the mountains, and going to coffee shops. God’s richest blessings to you!

Elisha Doerr - Milwaukee, WI

Hi! This is my second year on SALT Staff. I currently attend Harvard College, but I’m not sure what I want to study just yet. This summer I will be traveling to churches to run day camps. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing board games, and hanging out with my 7 siblings.

Violet Dumke - Boulder, CO

Hey! I’m Violet and this is my first year on SALT staff. I’m attending Martin Luther College to study early childhood education in fall and I can’t wait! I love being at camp and being surrounded by such wonderful, loving people. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing piano, and spending time outside!


Jessica Friebe - Green Bay, WI

Hi! My name is Jess and this is my third year on SALT staff.  I'm excited to be your daughter's counselor this week! I am currently a student at Martin Luther College. I have one semester left and I graduate in December with a degree in Elementary Education with minors in Physical Education and Coaching. My favorite thing about camp is the opportunity to share Jesus in every single thing we do throughout the day. In my free time, I love doing almost anything active, being outside, and spending time with my friends and family.



Clayton James Fury - Houston, TX

Howdy y'all! I'm CJ and this is my first year on SALT. I’m going into my senior year at Martin Luther College studying to be a pastor. I would have to say that my favorite thing about camp is praising Christ in everything we do, from evening games to Bible study and everything in between. I am a HUGE sports fanatic (Packers, Rockets, Astros, and Longhorns.) Playing, watching, teaching, or coaching - if it involves sports, then I'm all in! One of my biggest hobbies is simply being a Texan. I am very excited to serve this summer here at Camp Phillip!


Hannah Hinz - Steger, IL

Hello! My name is Hannah and this is my third summer on SALT. I am currently a student at Martin Luther College and majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in coaching. Some activities that I love is playing the piano, ultimate frisbee, and some volleyball and basketball. I am so excited to share God’s Word with your children this summer and watch them grow closer to God in their faith.

Grace Korthals - Baraboo, WI

Hey-o! I’m Grace and this is my third summer on SALT. I attend UW-La Crosse and I major in Social Studies Education with minors in Psychology, Sociology, and teaching English. Someday I hope to be a missionary, an urban educator, a mom blogger, or teach English as a foreign language! One of my favorite parts of Camp Phillip is the infinite amount of love that the staff has for everyone around them, and the amazing opportunity to serve Jesus every day. Camp Phillip is the best place on earth to witness Christ’s love and grow in faith, so I’m excited for you to experience it!

Isaiah O’Day - Green Bay, WI

Hey! My name is Isaiah and this is my first year on SALT staff. I’m going to UW-Green Bay this fall 2019 to study biology and music. My favorite thing about camp is the Christ-centered community. My hobbies include reading fantasy novels, playing the piano, and playing video games and board games.

Meredith Liermann - Manitowoc, WI

Hello all! I'm Mer and this is my second year as a member of SALT. I am studying Public Relations at UW Green Bay. I love to listen to and sing music, as well as hammock, journal, and rock climb when I'm not working during the summer. My favorite thing about camp in the continuous love given and received all summer long as well as the completely natural feeling of studying God's word in depth and how it applies to our everyday lives. I cannot wait to share these experiences all summer! Soli Deo Gloria


Jonathan Marquardt - Guntur, India

My name is Jonathan Marquardt, and I am a 2nd year counselor here at Camp Phillip! I am 18 years old and going into my sophomore year at Martin Luther College where I am training to be a pastor. Since my parents are missionaries overseas, I spend most of my time either at school or here at Camp! I enjoy singing, acting, playing tennis, and studying languages. My favorite thing about Camp is probably those moments where everyone is gathered together just to sing awesome songs of praise to God!


Emily Scharenbroch - Portage, WI

Hello! My name is Emily and this is my fourth year on SALT. I attend the UW La Crosse and I am majoring in elementary education and minoring in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My favorite thing about camp is that people at camp live their faith and love each other the way Jesus loves us. The friendships that I’ve made here are lifelong and meaningful. I am passionate about sewing, cooking, learning about culture, and children. See you soon!


Cameron Schroeder - LaCrescent, MN

Yo! My name is Cam and this is my second year on SALT. I currently attend Martin Luther College on the pastor track. I LOVE the fact that when I'm here I'm surrounded by the love of Christ all the time and that all the great people around me believe the same things that I do and hold the same values as me. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, play guitar, write music, or read. I'm excited to meet you this summer!

Elliott Schroeder - Lacrescent, MN

My name is Elliott, and I’m attending Gustavus Adolphus College for Computer Science. This is my first summer on SALT staff and I really enjoy praising God with my friends at camp. Every day I can look around me and see a whole bunch of my best friends who share my faith and are dedicated to growing together in Christ. What a blessing! I enjoy playing guitar and drums, long drives down country roads with Alex Pilling, loving my brothers and sisters in Christ with all my heart, and Aquafina drinking water.


Luke Schultz - Elkhorn, WI

Hello! I'm Luke and this is my second year on staff. In the fall, I will be in my sophomore year at Martin Luther College. I am studying Elementary Education with the hope to become a grade school teacher in the near future. I enjoy singing, playing guitar, and acting. My favorite thing about camp is that it is home to the memories of so many different people.


Lynnea Starzl - Yankton, SD

Hello! My name is Lynnea and this is my first year on SALT. I’m attending MLC for a degree in Elementary and Social Studies Education. My favorite thing about camp is all the wonderful people! In my free time I like to hike, bake and watch movies. I'm excited to get to know your daughter!

Lauren Stuebs - Stoddard, WI

Hey! I'm Lauren and this is my second year on SALT staff. I will be starting my second year at Martin Luther College in fall for vocal music and elementary education. My favorite thing about camp is how much we strive to help kids grow in faith and other aspects of life. I enjoy singing, hanging out with kids, painting and running in my free time. 


Kasandra Wagner - Sioux Falls, SD

Hi, I'm Kas and this is my third summer on SALT staff. I am going to be a senior at Martin Luther College next year and will be graduating with a secondary degree in teaching English. That being said, I absolutely love to read and write and I'm always down to nerd out about the most recent book you've read. I was only a camper for one week as a grade schooler but the love for God and for each other was so evident in that time that it stuck with me all the way until college when I applied for SALT. I've loved the time that I've gotten to spend here constantly soaking in the sunshine and songs and smiles of all the campers who come to visit.


Amy Weiglein - Brownsville, WI

Hi there! I’m Amy and this is my 3rd summer on SALT staff and my 3rd summer on Day Camp! I’m a senior at Martin Luther College, studying elementary education and spanish. One of my favorite things about camp is the Christian atmosphere. The friends you make here quickly become family. Some of my hobbies include learning foreign languages, traveling, spending time with my little sister and taking photos.

Emma Wieting - Minocqua, WI

Hello! My name is Emma and this is my first summer on SALT. I can’t wait to spend my entire summer sharing God’s Word with your children! In fall, I will start my freshman year at Wisconsin Lutheran College to become a nurse. My favorite thing about camp is absolutely everything! I enjoy eating watermelon on a nice warm summer day. I also enjoy a nice game of tennis. Thank you so much for sending your children to such a great place!


Kyle Wilson - Chicago, IL

Hey everyone! I'm Kyle and this is my second year on SALT. I've always been very passionate about ministry and went to Martin Luther College for two years. I decided to put school on the back burner and stay at camp year round after last summer. So, I have been at camp for a full year and plan to stick around for another field trip season this fall. My dream is to stay involved with Camp Phillip for life in whatever capacity I can. My favorite thing about Camp is the music culture. The singing and worship is unmatched. I'm also very passionate about the high and low ropes courses. I love facilitating and drawing connections to important life lessons on the ropes courses. I'm honored to be able to leave a mark on your children this summer and help them grow closer to God. 


Nathan Wranovsky - Muskego, WI

Hi! My name is Nathan and this is my second year on SALT. I am blessed to say that I’m a junior on the pastor track at Martin Luther College. The people, whether little or big, are my favorite thing about camp. When I’m not doing mountains of homework during the semester, I’m a big reader, movie watcher, and love to talk - to people, with people, listen to people, anything really to get a chance to get to know people better!


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