Worldwide photo scavenger hunt
You too can join the Camp Phillip worldwide photo scavenger hunt!  Just follow the rules below and we'll be glad to add your picture to this growing list.

The person in the picture must be wearing a Camp Phillip T-shirt.
The first photograph in each category will be entered in the album.
Photographs must include the category, name/s of the person/s pictured and date.
All photographs entered in the contest become the property of Camp Phillip.
Digital pictures in jpg or gif format can be e-mailed to
Printed pictures can be sent to Camp Phillip  W9944 Buttercup Ave  Wautoma, WI  54982-7032.

Head to the Worldwide photo scavenger hunt pictures to see all the pictures we have received so far.

Photo scavenger hunt categories
Blowing kisses at Mount Rushmore - Emily, Philip and Andrew Sebald - June 16, 2009
Blowing up a balloon on the border of any two states - Sydney Clausen, Elliott Schroeder, Kendall Clausen & Cameron Schroeder - October 2007
Breaking a wishbone with someone in a library - Amy and Susan Towner - Oct 2, 2007
Brushing your teeth in Taco Bell - Adam Igl, Nathan Moldenhauer, Tyler Shinnick and Matt Werner - Sep 22, 2007
Building a sand castle on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean - Beth Hudock and Chrissy Olson - Nov 2008
Building a snowman in a parking lot - Kayla Stone and Leah Schlecht - Dec 1, 2007
Carving a pumpkin underwater
Carving a turkey at a stop sign - Sophia Weinstein & Jay Wiechmann - July 3, 2009
Changing the letters on a McDonald's sign (1) - Chrissy Olson - Nov 20, 2007
Changing the letters on a McDonald's sign (2) - Adam Igl - Nov 2007
Cutting down a Christmas tree - Ian and April Schaefer - Dec 2, 2007
Dancing with a life-size Barney doll
Doing a pull-up on the pamper pole bar
Dressed up as and imitating Elvis in front of at least 100 people
Dressed up in a gorilla suit (with your head showing) with a Camp Phillip T-shirt over the suit
Drinking orange juice in the mountains (Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA) - Anne Neumann - Dec 9, 2007
Eating a cherry pie at the Norskie Nook in Osseo, WI - Kelly Dobberpuhl - Spring 1995
Eating a Dairy Queen Blizzard in the desert - Cameron and Elliott Schroeder - Jan 2008
Eating a Jelly Belly at the Jelly Belly factory - Philip and Emily Sebald - July 24, 2008
Eating french fries in Paris - Chelsie Alf and Stephanie Geske - March 27, 2008
Eating squid in Japan
Feeding a killer whale
Feeding bread to ducks - Blake Samanas - Oct 31, 2008
Felling a tree - Sarah and Becky Warmuth - Spring 1995
Fishing in a large puddle - Jay Wiechmann - June 26, 2009
Flying kites in the winter (Appleton, WI, USA Sports Complex) - Susan and Tom Towner - Dec 9, 2007
Frosting cookies in a mall - Amber Gallun and Paul Moldenhauer - Feb 2008
Getting a basketball autographed by an NBA player - Britta Brinkmann - Sep 27, 2007
Giving a stranger a high five at an NFL game
Hand-milking a cow while blowing a 4 inch bubblegum bubble (or bigger) - Elizabeth Dobberpuhl - June 2010
Handcuffed to a uniformed police officer - Carrie Knickelbein - Jan 15, 1995
Hanging out with surfers in California (Will Rogers State Beach, Los Angeles, CA) - Beth Hudock and Anne Neumann - Dec 9, 2007
Holding a 6 foot or longer snake
Holding a guitar at a Hard Rock Cafe - Chloe and Emma Fuhrmann - Aug 18, 2015
Hugging a celebrity
Hugging a giant redwood tree with two other people - Gia from Michigan, Missy & Jay Wiechmann - June 23, 2009
Hula-dancing under a palm tree - Elliott and Cameron Schroeder - Jan 2008
Ice fishing with a rubber ducky
In a hot air balloon in the air
In a tree with a dog barking at you - Kristie, Debbie, Phillip, Michael and Doug Otteson - Spring 1995
In front of Old Faithful
Jumping off a high dive
Jumping out of an airplane
Jumping rope in a video rental store - Leah, Anna & Maria Schlecht - Dec 21, 2007
Kicking a football in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa -
Kissing a life-size poster of Brett Favre - Leah Schlecht, Callie Dublinski, Kayla Stone and Sarah Jones - Summer 2008
Kissing a mounted moose head - Libby, Anneliese, Jacob & Emily Adelmeyer - Nov 27, 2008
Kissing a stranger at Niagara Falls - Amy Towner - 1995
Leading a cheer at a high-school pep rally
Looking into a cannon - Kendall & Sydney Clausen, Elliott & Cameron Schroeder - October 2007
Looking out over the Grand Canyon - Paul Soucy - March 18, 2017
Marching in a parade on a national holiday - Rebekah, Corrine and Rachel Seidel - Memorial day 2011
Next to a kangaroo
Offering a live cow a lollipop - Chrissy Olson and Beth Hudock - Nov 20, 2007
On a slip n slide in the snow - Sarah Warmuth, Tabitha Loeder, Ben Warmuth, Laura Warmuth and Becky Warmuth - Winter 1995
On an elephant - Nikki Carow - Jan 2008
On someone else's shoulders waterskiing
Painting your toenails outside of an art museum - Beth Hudock and Chrissy Olson - Nov 20, 2007
Paying a cashier with a $2 bill - Blake Samanas - Nov 28, 2007
Peeling a banana next to a live monkey - Emily Hansel - Aug 2009
Petting a tiger
Playing cards on a Hawaiian beach - Steve and Marlene Randazzo - July 29, 2011
Playing shuffleboard on a boat - Britta and Collin Brinkmann - Aug 2009
Plugging your nose by a dead skunk - Adria, Nieve & Grant Funston - August 14, 2008
Riding a camel (Zhongwei, Ningxia, China) - Angie Bowe - Sep 14, 2009
Riding in a shopping cart surrounded by various cereal boxes - Beth Hudock - Nov 20, 2007
Rowing a kayak - Linden Jahns - Aug 14, 2010
Scuba diving
Shaking hands with the current governor of any state
Shaking hands with your boss in his office - Rev Ron Koehler & Missy Wiechmann - June 30, 2009
Shingling a roof - Paul Soucy - March 21, 2017
Sitting in the captain's seat of a 747
Standing by the clock in Times Square at 7:00 PM
Standing next to a bank clock at 4:01 AM - Carrie Knickelbein, Topher Doerr and Todd Huhn - Jan 15, 1995
Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
Taking a dead mouse out of a mousetrap - Justin Shea - July 28, 2009
Testing a toy for a national toy company at their headquarters
Tying your shoe at the Golden Gate Bridge - Jay Wiechmann - June 20, 2009
Upside-down in a roller coaster - Jay Wiechmann - June 15, 2009
Wading in the Gulf of Mexico - Brett, Chloe and Amanda Fuhrmann - Oct 27, 2007
Washing a window at the Sears Tower in Chicago
Watering flowers on the White House lawn
Waving from a trolley - Jay Wiechmann - July 12, 2009
Wearing a jester hat outside of a castle
Wearing a kilt in Scotland - Richard Hudock - June 2008
With 8 or more people in a phone booth
With 10 people in a Volkswagen bug
With a goat in a boat
With an open umbrella at Niagara Falls - Rachel Warning - June 8, 2009
With an open umbrella at Niagara Falls - Dave Payne - June 15, 2009
Working at a lemonade stand - Ethan, Sarah & Alec Brooks - Jan 5, 2008