Curriculum plus camp staff--a great combo
Camp Phillip--Congregational day campA bit of camp without leaving your church!
"I wish we could bottle that camp spirit and bring it back to our church."  Camp Phillip guests consistently comment on how uplifting it is to see the camp staff openly praising God, being positive role models and letting their light shine.  In the summer of 2004, Camp Phillip staff headed to WELS congregations to assist them with week-long day camps.

Congregational day camps duplicate as much of the Camp Phillip program and setting without ever leaving your church property.  The program is outreach-minded with a clear Gospel message and provides an opportunity for church volunteers of all ages (including teens) and skill levels to be involved.
We work with your volunteers
From the opening to the closing program, we will bring all the fun of summer camp to your church and provide a rich setting in which important lessons about God can be communicated to children--both regular attendees and the unchurched alike!  Two college-age staff and two-three junior staff (trained high school volunteers) together with a group of church volunteers will present one main idea a day in different activity areas, such as adventure, Christmas around the world, crafts, recreation, snacks and storytime.  Volunteers will work either in the activity areas where they possess particular passion and gifts or as counselors to lead their "cabin" from one area to another.

This program is written for grades K-6.  Studies of age characteristics show that pre-schoolers learn best in a half-day setting and should not be moved around to different activity areas.  Should you wish to include pre-schoolers, you could adapt the materials you receive; but we would strongly suggest that the pre-schoolers be kept together and only meet for half a day.
Camp Phillip Congregational day campIn this Day camp program cabins of ten or so campers will rotate from one activity area to another; this small group atmosphere allows for unique opportunities to discuss Jesus with the campers.  Each activity area is staffed by congregational volunteers or camp staff who are working in areas where they possess particular gifts; activity leaders will need to adapt their activity to the age level of the campers in that session.  Because the format of this program requires many congregational volunteers, this program will NOT be right for congregations who expect the camp staff to do everything.

In order for this program to be effective, it is important that everybody involved understands the details of this program.  For more information on the program, check out the following webpages:
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