Camp Phillip--Congregational day camp gamesThe schedule packs a full day of camp action into a 6 hour period; most activities last 25 minutes.  If you want your overall schedule to run for less time, you are free to make the necessary adjustments.  The schedule includes an opening program, six activity sessions (Adventure, Crafts, Games, Snacks, Song Period and Storytime), an all camp game, mealtime, quiet time and closing program.
Congregational day camp sample schedule (activities may vary)
A sample schedule looks like this.  You can adjust the schedule to your group's size and your choice of beginning and ending times. 
Time Activity Group 1 Group 2
9:00 Opening program    
9:45 Activity session 1 Adventure Crafts
10:15 Activity session 2 Crafts Games
10:45 Activity session 3 Games Snacks
11:15 Activity session 4 Snacks Song period
11:45 All camp game    
12:15 Lunch    
12:50 Quiet time    
1:20 Activity session 5 Song period Storytime
1:50 Activity session 6 Storytime Adventure
2:20 Closing program