Camp Phillip--Congregational day camp activitiesCamp Phillip staff
Two Camp Phillip staff will assist your congregational leaders during the actual day camp week and will lead the opening program, all camp game, closing program, adventure activity session and one other activity session.  The staff will arrive for set-up on Sunday and will meet with your church volunteers on Sunday evening at 6:30 (unless another time is agreed upon ahead of time) for orientation.  We will also bring along a couple of our more experienced junior staff to help with the program.  Oh yeah, Kody our mascot will also come along!
Volunteers from host church
(One counselor for every cabin of ten children; youth group members can serve as counselors):  Leads cabin to each activity.  Assists program leaders as needed.  Leads Quiet time activity with his/her cabin.  Counselors will be provided with a manual detailing their role.

Program leaders: There are six program areas. Each program area will involve discussion related to the biblical theme of the day.  Camp Phillip staff will lead the Adventure program and one other area.  Your church will find volunteers for four of the five remaining program areas.  In whichever area you need help, our second staff person will fill in.  Program leaders will be provided with manuals detailing their activities.
• Adventure leader (Camp staff)
    Leads campers in initiatives and ties the initiatives to the theme for the day.
• Crafts leader
    Helps campers make crafts and ties the craft to the theme for the day.
• Recreation leader
    Explains and oversees the recreation and ties the recreation to the theme for the day.
• Snack leader
    Helps campers make snacks and ties the snack to the theme for the day.
• Song period leader
    Helps campers with Song period.
• Story leader
    Teaches a Bible story using a variety of methods (object lesson, skit, story bag, etc)
        and leads a discussion which ties the lesson to the theme for the day.

Other helpers
• Assistant camp director
    Organizes volunteers, plans the schedule and serves as contact person with Camp Phillip.
• Cook (if you are planning to serve meals to the children)
    The other option is to ask everybody to bring a lunch.
• Decorators
    Decorates inside program areas to simulate camp environment.
• Host(s)
    Provides lodging for camp staff (two paid staff and two-three teen volunteers;
        it’s great if they can be together, because they will spend some evenings preparing for the next day.
• Registration helper(s)
    Collects registrations, groups children into cabins and checks in children on the first day.