Camp Phillip--Congregational day campCongregational responsibilities
Your congregation will be responsible for advertising the program, registering the participants, recruiting the volunteers, providing the facility, housing the camp staff, supplying the craft, snack and story time supplies and ingredients, and paying Camp Phillip in 2019 a rate of $1,700 ($1,530 for Camp Phillip corporation congregations) plus round trip travel expenses at the IRS-allowed rate.

Camp Phillip's responsibilities
Camp Phillip will provide you with a five-day curriculum.  This curriculum includes opening and closing skits and songs, as well as lessons planned for six different activity areas.  Congregations will receive a director's manual that shares registration information, decorating ideas to simulate camp setting, and information and graphics to use for promotional materials.  Camp Phillip will send staff to your congregation to lead opening and closing puppet skits and two of the six activity areas.  The staff will include two college-age summer staff and three junior staff (trained high school volunteers).