Educational field trip
Camp Phillip--Challenge course

Looking for a field trip with more than just entertainment value?

Students spend an overnight trip or a day trip along with their teacher and adult chaperones.  They can participate in a variety of programs led by camp staff including ropes course, nature/science activities, Bible study, games, campfire and more.  Our unique outdoor setting creates an environment conducive to intense learning experiences.

Design your field trip with this list of options.

Program options together with their grade levels
• Animal designers (1-5)
     Learn how animals are created special to fit into certain environments.
• Archery (4-8)
• Bible study (K-8)
• Campfire (K-8)
• Canoeing (6-8)
• Disc golf (4-8)
• Fire building (6-8)
• Geocaching (6-8)
     Learn the basics of a GPS and discover hidden caches.
• Hikes--ABC (K-3) / Color (K-3) / Blindfold (4-8) / Unnature (K-6)
• Hurricane! (3-8)
     Build a shelter with your group to survive the hurricane.
• Outdoor games (K-8)
• Predator/prey (3-8)
     Use various methods of survival to hide from the predator.
• Ropes course--Low ropes (3 & up) / High ropes (6 & up)
• Run for your life (4-7)
     Learn about a food chain by becoming part of one in this simulation game.
• Sing-along (K-8)
• Speed stacking (4-8)
     Enjoy a fast-paced cup-stacking game geared to teach a variety of skills.
• Starcus burstilitus (3-6)
     Help collect and study the rare Starcus burstilitis in this simulation game.
• Swimming (K-8)


Call the camp office to register for a field trip today!

Please contact the camp office at 920-787-3202 or e-mail us at to schedule your class for an Educational field trip.

Print off the Program registration form (found under "Registration forms" on the Document downloads page) and have each member of the class fill out a form.  Collect all the forms and bring them to Camp Phillip when you attend.